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DRAFT VISION PLAN 2035 (Current draft as of 9/27/2023)


As a community we are crafting our new Educational and Facilities Vision Plan 2035!  This plan establishes the vision for Palomar’s educational and student support programs and facilities over the next twelve years with a significant update in year six.  This website is designed to provide information and document our efforts.  If you have any questions, please contact Marti Snyder at x3759 or at

The Educational and Facilities Vision Plan 2035 is new plan that has replaced the Educational and Facilities Master Plan 2022, which was sunset this year. You may access more information on the Educational and Facilities Master Plan 2022 by visiting the website.

Educational and Facilities Planning Task Force Membership

Provide Feedback

Please consider the following prompts when attending a Vision and Listening session:

Instructional Pathways

  • What are your thoughts and ideas about your area and related programs? 
  • How will they change over the next twelve years? 
  • What factors will impact them?
  • How will that affect your technology, staffing, and facilities needs? 

General Vision

  • Where do you envision Palomar to be in the future?
  • How can Palomar be the best we can be?
  • How do we improve access to students in our district?
  • How do we improve the success rates of our students?

If you are unable to attend a session or would like to provide additional input as we design the Educational and Facilities Vision Plan, click on the Feedback Form below.

EFVP Feedback Form

Sign Up for a Listening Session


Please sign up for a session based on where you primarily take your classes. However, if the date/time scheduled does not work for you, sign up for any session you would like. Session will have an in-person or Zoom option. Click on the links below to sign up!

  • Camp Pendleton Students – link coming soon
  • Escondido Students – Tuesday, November 15th   12:15 – 1:00 p.m.
  • Fallbrook Students – Wednesday, October 19th   11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
  • Rancho Bernardo Students – Tuesday, October 18th   1:00 – 1:45 p.m.
  • San Marcos and Online Students – Wednesday, November 16th   11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.


Faculty members who were unable to attend the Academic Pathways listening sessions in September, can sign up to attend the drop-in session listed below. Session will have an in-person or Zoom option.

  • Faculty drop-in listening session – Friday, October 21st   1:45-2:30 p.m.


Staff who work at all locations will receive an Outlook invitation for the session specific to their work assignment location. Please look for an email from Marti Snyder for San Marcos, Tom Medel for Rancho Bernardo and Escondido locations, for Ryan Williams for Camp Pendleton and Fallbrook locations.

Monthly Progress Reports

July Update:

June Update:

May Update:

April Update:

March Update:

February Update:

At its February 16th meeting, the Task Force reviewed the goals and objectives developed at the goal-setting session, along with two additional sections of the EVP. A Task Force subcommittee will further refine the goals and objectives for a final draft. The full Task Force meets next on March 16th for final reviews. The Draft EVP will be completed by March 31st, and then will be forwarded to the College Council for first and second readings.

Meanwhile, the Task Force has now begun additional focus on facilities for the Facilities Vision Plan (FVP), which is also under development.  Members toured the Rancho Bernardo and Escondido Centers on January 19th, and the Fallbrook Center on February 16th. The tours were designed to provide a first-hand view of the three centers’ facilities and their needs in preparation for the March and April Task Force meetings, where facilities’ implications of the EVP will be discussed. Development of the FVP will continue through June, with the full EFVP Vision 2035 completed for review and Board adoption in Fall 2023.

January Update:

On January 18-19, 2023 the EFP Task Force engaged in a facilitated, interactive two-day session to complete Phase III: Goal-Setting. The session was well-attended and Task Force members worked diligently throughout the two days to identify broad goals, and key objectives for each goal to provide direction to the Educational Vision Plan for the next 12 years. Dual attention was given to (a) stability and recovery of the College from the COVID-Pandemic, executive turnover, and fiscal issues experienced in the last three years; and (b) vision moving forward as the college redefines the “New Palomar Way” – one of innovation, action, and an even greater focus on being student-centered for expanded, equitable access and success for each student.

The Task Force reviewed highlights of the Data Profile; themes from the College-wide survey and 71 listening sessions that represented hundreds of internal, external, and student voices; and threats and opportunities Palomar College will address over the next decade. Special attention was given to the enrollment recovery and growth needed in the immediate future, including the role of the three centers.

December Update:

The Task Force reviewed two key presentations in December: (1) Results of the College Survey; and (2) Themes from the 71 listening / visioning sessions held with students and internal and external stakeholders. Task Force members discussed the findings, identifying salient points from each of the two presentations. The Discovery Phase of the EFVP is now complete and the College Profile is being assembled. Trends and Planning Assumptions will be identified from this rich College Profile as the Task Force moves into the final stage of EVP Development.

On January 18-19, 2023 the Task Force will engage in an interactive two-day session to complete Phase III: Goal-setting. Results from that session, and the full draft EVP, will be reviewed by the Task Force at its February 16th meeting.  The Draft EVP will be presented to College Council for first and second readings February 24th and March 10th. The Task Force will make final revisions at its March 16th meeting, and the Draft EVP will complete March 31st. Meanwhile, the Facilities assessment continues. The Task Force will visit each educational center, with an eye on facilities, during January and February, and development of the Facilities Vision Plan (FVP) will continue through May.


November Update:

Through November, the final set of Listening / Visioning Sessions were held, including sessions with faculty and staff, students, various campus groups, and some open drop-in sessions. Additional sessions and class visits were held in San Marcos, at the Escondido Center, and with students at Camp Pendleton. Meetings with the two center directors were also held, including discussions about partnerships with business, industry, and tribal nations.  A full list of the 71 Listening / Visioning Sessions is available on the website.

At the November Task force meeting, members reviewed external scan data, including area demographics and projections to 2035, enrollment flow patterns of Palomar College students, labor market data, and San Diego County occupations and job openings. The College-wide survey was also conducted in November. In December, the EFP Task Force will review the final components of the Data Profile, including results of the survey, and themes that emerged from the many Listening / Visioning Sessions held over the three-month period.

October Update:

Vision and listening sessions continued through October, including sessions with faculty and staff, students, DEIAA Representatives, and various campus groups. Sessions were held on the Rancho Bernardo and Fallbrook campuses, and with the Faculty Senate and each of the five Governance Councils. Additional sessions were held with external partners, such as Business and Industry leaders, K-12 and university partners, and the Palomar College Foundation.

At the October Task force meeting, members reviewed internal scan data and discussed sustainability for Palomar College.  In November the Task Force will review the external scan and enrollment flow, and will look at workforce data.  More visioning and listening sessions will be held, as listed below, including those with administrative services, drop-in sessions for faculty and staff, sessions at the Escondido Center, and several classroom visits.

September Update:

Listening sessions for each of the the instructional pathways, as well as sessions with instructional deans and our classified staff, and the Governing Board have been completed. We are also adding a few more drop-in sessions focused on our educational programs and services as well as general sessions for anyone who is interested or did not have time to participate.

The Educational and Facilities Planning Task Force held it’s kick-off meeting on September 15th. The Task Force reviewed its charge and shared what Palomar means to them (see word cloud at right). In the coming months, the Educational and Facilities Plan Vision Task Force will reflect upon the insights provided by all of you, our students, and our external partners to craft our plan.

Vision Plan 2035 Listening Sessions

Completed Vision Plan Listening Sessions:


    • President’s Cabinet
    • Palomar Pathways – Arts Media Design (1)
    • Palomar Pathways – Trade/Industry (1)
    • Facilities
    • Palomar Pathways – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (1)
    • Palomar Pathways – Humanities and Language (1)
    • Palomar Pathways – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (2)
    • Palomar Pathways – Social/Behavioral Studies (1)
    • Librarians
    • Palomar Pathways – Humanities and Language (2)
    • Palomar Pathways – Trade/Industry (2)
    • Palomar Pathways – Arts Media Design (2)
    • Palomar Pathways – Health/Public Services (1)
    • Deans
    • Classified Staff (CCE)
    • Palomar Pathways – Health/Public Services (2)
    • Palomar Pathways – Business (2)
    • Palomar Pathways – Social/Behavioral Studies (2)
    • EFVP Task Force – Kickoff Meeting


    • President’s Cabinet
    • Student Life and Leadership, Athletics, Health Services
    • Student Success, Equity, and Counseling Cluster
    • Rancho Bernardo Students
    • Rancho Bernardo/Ramona Open Forum
    • Rancho Bernardo Student Classroom
    • Rancho Bernardo Advisory
    • Foundation Leaders
    • DEIAA Representatives
    • Fallbrook Students
    • Fallbrook and Valley Center Advisories
    • Fallbrook and Pauma Open Forum
    • K-12 Adult Ed Partners
    • Business & Industry Summit/CTE Advisory
    • University Partners
    • Workforce, Contract Ed, Adult Ed
    • Faculty Senate Leadership
    • Student Club and Diversity Leaders
    • Infrastructure and Sustainability Council
    • Employees, Community, and Communication Council
    • Equity, Education, and Student Success Council
    • Associated Student Government
    • Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, Fiscal Stewardship Council
    • Chairs and Directors
    • Faculty Drop-in – signup
    • College Council
    • Human Resource Services
    • Escondido Open Forum
    • Escondido Classroom Visit
    • Escondido Students
    • Escondido Advisory
    •  Student Enrollment Services
    • Professional Development and Tenure and Evaluations Review Board
    • Camp Pendleton Students


    • Camp Pendleton Center Director
    • Tutoring Center Heads
    • Business and Fiscal Services
    • IR&P, Marketing, Foundation
    • San Marcos Students
    • Dean, Equity, Student Success, and Counseling
    • Fallbrook Advisory and Business Partners
    • CCE drop-in
    • Faculty drop-in
    • San Marcos Classroom Visit
    • Vice President, Student Services
    • Police Services
    • Escondido and Rancho Bernardo Center Director
    • Information Services
    • San Marcos Open Forum/Drop-in – sign up
    • San Marcos and Vista Advisories
    • Admin. Association and Confidential and Supervisory Team
    • Fallbrook Center Director and Tribal Liaison
PathwayPathway ClustersListening Session Dates (LRC-438)
Arts, Media, and DesignArt
Performing Arts
Architecture & Interior Design
Session #1 Sept. 13 10:15-11:00
Session #2 Sept. 14 2:45-3:30
BusinessBusinessSession #1 Sept. 15 11:30-12:15
Health and Public ServiceAdministration of Justice & Law
Fire & EMT
Medical and Health Sciences
Session #1 Sept. 14 3:30-4:15
Session #2 Sept. 10:45-11:30
Humanities and LanguagesHumanities
Session #1 Sept. 13 1:45-2:30
Session #2 Sept. 14 1:00-1:45
Social and Behavioral StudiesChild Development & Education
Economics, History, Political Science
Social and Behavioral Science
Session #1 Sept. 14 10:45-11:30
Session #2 Sept. 15 1:00-1:45
Science Technology, Engineering, MathComputer Science &
Information Technology
Geography & Drones
Math & Engineering
Session #1 Sept. 13 1:00-1:45
Session #2 Sept. 14 9:45-10:30
Trade and IndustryApprenticeships
Auto Diesel
Drafting & Machining OR
Manufacturing Technologies
HVAC, Water Technology, &
Session #1 Sept. 13 11:00 -11:45
Session #2 Sept. 14 1:45-2:30

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