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Chief Chris Moore, Palomar College Chief of Police

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Welcome to the Palomar College Police Department webpage. We hope this information guides you on finding connectivity to the services we provide to the campus community.

Protection-Palomar College Police Department, PCPD, was created in 2000 to protect the campus community from harm, it is our primary objective.  Through 18 hour per day police officer patrols, coverage at our Education Centers and strategic patrols on the San Marcos campus, we protect the campus from known and unknown threats.  Through Memorandums of Understanding, we collaborate with the San Diego Sheriff’s Office, the Escondido and San Diego Police Departments on investigations in addition to the consistent sharing of information.  We are members of the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SDLECC).  This is a fusion center with local and federal resources to evaluate threats in educational institutions and other infrastructure communities. We operate systems to inform the campus of emergencies and conduct ongoing physical security, seven days a week through uniformed patrol.  Campus Police trains with partner agencies such as San Marcos Fire and California State University San Marcos on active shooter intervention.  To increase our proficiency we engage an international SWAT trainer on evolving tactics, training and case studies for best practices.  We employ a “single officer” deployment method to active shooter threats.  All of our police officers are certified by California POST and complete proficiency training annually.

Prevention-PCPD uses technology as a force multiplier for protection and prevention.  More than 200 cameras are deployed across four campuses.  The cameras are recorded and available for monitoring during in progress situations and when local or global issues require the campus to be on alert.  We coordinate training with departments throughout campus on creating a safe workplace.  We participate in the Student of Concern team to ensure threats to campus are monitored, investigated and the involved parties seek treatment to prevent tragedy. Our officers are trained in Behavioral Threat Assessment by the Department of Homeland Security and attend the three-day Psychiatric Emergency Response Training (PERT).  Each provides techniques to evaluate as well as de-escalate situations.

Engagement-We engage with community partners to enhance trust.  Through our Relationship Based Policing model, we extend and cultivate trust to members of the Veteran, LGBTQ+, Association of Student Government and participate in shared governance groups throughout campus.  Our Chief of Police serves on the advisory board of the Disability Resource Center and Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS) to achieve greater perspective on services offered to students.  We host the Campus Police Committee which provides constituency groups with a voice on community concerns and updates on the police outreach efforts each month.  We prepare a monthly report to the Governing Board and Executive Leadership on our community outreach and engagement efforts.  Many are on display on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, @PCPDBLUE.

Stay safe.

Chris Moore

Chief of Police

 Behavioral Health

Daily Crime Log

2023 Annual Security Report


Core Values


We are truthful in our words and in our actions


We treat others with dignity, honoring the rights, ideas, and opinions of all individuals


We affirm our allegiance to our community, to our Department and to our Core Values


We are just and impartial in all of our interactions. Our decisions are made without personal favoritism


We are confident in the integrity, the ability and the good character of others


We are people of character and principle. We do what is right, even when no one is looking

If you are in need of immediate police or medical assistance, locate the nearest phone or have a nearby person call police dispatch at (760) 891-7273 or extension 2289 from a College phone.