Police Department Q & A

Q: What is the role of the Palomar College Police Department?

A: The Palomar College Police Department (PCPD) has primary responsibility for developing and deploying services, programs and strategies for maintaining the safest campus environment possible. Specifically, the PCPD is responsible for crime prevention, law enforcement, parking control, emergency response, security, policing of special events, and other community services on all satellite campuses such as the Escondido Campus. PCPD patrols the campuses on foot, bicycle and vehicle.

Q: Where does the Palomar College Police Department derive its authority and do they have police powers?

A: The Palomar College Police Department (PCPD) is responsible for providing police services for the San Marcos Campus and the satellite campuses. PCPD officers have complete police authority. The peace officers of the PCPD have statewide police authority, and are vested with law enforcement powers and responsibilities, identical to the municipal police or sheriff’s department in our community. PCPD officers actively patrol the campus and surrounding areas and are the first responders for all emergencies on campus.

Q: Can an enrolled student be disciplined by Palomar College Student Affairs Department and the Palomar College Police Department?

A: Yes. Students may be expelled and or suspended for engaging in criminal acts on campus or at campus oriented events. All Students are to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and are subject to review by Student Affairs.

Q: How do I report a crime or emergency?

A: Here are some options in which victims or witnesses can report crimes. For crimes in progress, crimes that just occurred, or medical assistance on campus, the Palomar College Police Department can be reached at (760) 744-1150 X 2289 or X 2289 from any campus phone, or call 911. If you encounter an emergency off campus, call 911 and remain calm. Be ready to provide your name and location. When calling PCPD you will be in communication with the PCPD Dispatcher and they will evaluate the emergency. When calling 911 you will be in contact with the area 911 Dispatch Center.

Q: How do I report a non-emergency?

A: In non-emergency situations, where there is no immediate threat to personal safety or property, contact PCPD on either campus by dialing extension 2289 from any campus telephone. Non-emergencies may also be reported by calling 760-744-1150 x 2289.

Q: What is a “Blue-Light” Police Emergency Phone?

A: Campus Blue-Light emergency phones are a crime deterrent because they are highly visible and easy to access. They are called Blue-Light phones because they are topped with a blue strobe light that activates when someone uses it. When the phone is activated, it will be answered by a Palomar College Police Dispatcher who will handle your call. The phones provide peace of mind for students, employees and visitors on campus. Blue-Light phones are typically located all around campus: common areas, parking lots and structures.

Q: Is smoking allowed at Palomar College school grounds?

A: No. Palomar College is committed to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for the students, faculty and staff of this campus. The District shall provide and maintain a workplace and learning environment that is smoke and tobacco free to promote the safety and health of students, employees, and the public. Smoking, vaping, and the use of tobacco products on all indoor and outdoor property is prohibited.

Q: Are parking permits required to park on campus at all times?

A: Yes. A parking permit is required at all times for the lawful parking of every registered vehicle on district property. Semester permits can be obtained digitally online. Daily permits are available via the Park Mobile App. All vehicles must park in designated parking stalls and drivers must obey all California Vehicle Codes. No overnight (11pm-6am) parking is permitted unless approved by the Palomar College Police Dept.

Q: Can you get in trouble for sexual assault or sexual harassment at Palomar College?

A: Yes. Palomar College is committed to providing a campus environment that is free of sexual violence. Acts of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, hereafter known as “Prohibited Acts of Conduct” are unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Palomar College. If you are the victim of a rape or sexual assault, call 911 immediately or contact Palomar College Police at (760) 744-1150 x 2289. Victims can also contact any campus staff member.

Q: Can I use medical marijuana at Palomar College?

A: No. All marijuana use is prohibited, even if the intended purpose is for medicinal reasons. Additionally, marijuana use is illegal under federal law and permitting its use at Palomar College would violate the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act. As a student of Palomar College, your conduct, on campus is subject to the Student Code of Conduct. Possession of a valid medical marijuana card does not permit possession or use of marijuana on campus. PCPD can issue written citations.

Q: Are weapons allowed at Palomar College?

A: No. Any person who brings or possesses a firearm on the grounds of the college without the prior written permission of the Chief of Police, is in violation of state law, Palomar College regulations, and is punishable by college disciplinary action, imprisonment or both.

Q: Can I be disciplined for harassment or discrimination?

A: Yes. Engaging in harassing or discriminatory behavior based on disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by law will not be tolerated and lead to discipline up to expulsion.

Q: Is bicycle riding, skateboarding or any “roller device” allowed on Palomar College?

A: No. Bicycle riding, skateboarding and roller devices are prohibited at all times. The term “roller device” means roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, coasters, toy vehicles, hover boards, or any similar device upon which a person may be propelled. Any individual violating this rule can be cited by PCPD.

Q: Does Palomar College Police Department offer Public Assistance?

A: Yes. PCPD offers vehicle jumpstarts, lockouts, and escorts. PCPD will also sign off “fix-it” tickets for $10.00.

Q: Where can I view Palomar College Police Department’s policies, practices, and procedures as per SB 978?

A: Click here to view.