Volunteer Program


The Palomar College Police Department Volunteer Program plays an indispensable role in the day to day operations of the Police Department. Our Volunteers are composed of individuals who work without pay in order to gain police work experience. Volunteers may be required to perform tasks that require physical exertion, stamina, flexibility and standing or walking for long periods of time. Volunteers assist with building security, traffic control, motorist assistance, writing reports and other public services as needed at the main campus in San Marcos and/or the Escondido Center.  Volunteers will provide information to the public; make written and oral reports of any hazardous condition impacting the college and its community. Volunteers are expected to perform a variety of clerical and secretarial tasks to provide information to students, faculty, staff and the general public. Volunteers must successfully pass a background investigation. Please note that our background investigations can take up to 30-60 days. For further information please contact Lead Community Service Officer David Reza. Click on and complete all three forms below.

The Volunteer Program is currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions until further notice.

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