Crime Prevention

Safety Tips and Brochures

Monthly Prevention Awareness Campaigns

Campus Crime Prevention Tips: See Below

The Palomar College Police Department encourages the use of facility and campus infrastructure that aids in the prevention of   crime, to include:

  • Interior/Exterior lighting

  • Elevated monitoring platform

  • Highly trained professional police officers

  • Palomar College Police Department Escort Program

The Palomar College Police Department has designed and implemented a series of crime awareness guidelines for Students, Staff and Faculty at Palomar College.  These guidelines encourage the Palomar College Community to:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid the use of shortcuts or isolated areas of the campuses
  • If you observe a crime situation or witness a person in trouble, use any legal options you feel deemed appropriate and safe (i.e. run, contact, yell, call the campus police, etc.)
  • Use Palomar College Police Department Escort Services. These services are available Monday through Friday during normal school hours.

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                                                Crime Prevention

                                                         See Something, Say Something!

Report crimes, suspicious activity or behavior to the police immediately, including:

ü  ANY suspicious activity such as loitering around empty classrooms or offices.

  • Observing solicitors in secluded areas and parking

                                                                         Lock It or Lose It

  • Lock your doors anytime you leave your office, residence, or

ü  Never prop open a locked door.

ü  Don’t allow “piggybacking” (when someone unknown to you tries to enter a locked building behind you).

  • Immediately report broken or malfunctioning locks to a building/facility
  • Lock your vehicle and secure valuables in the trunk or out of
  •  Avoid becoming a target of thieves by securing “hot target” items:

– Never leave laptops or other mobile devices unattended.

-Secure bicycles to a bicycle rack with aU-lock.

                                                                   Prevent Identity Theft

  • Protect your Social Security number and card.
  • Inspect your credit report and financial statements regularly, and shred anything with your personal information on it before
  • Never click on links in unsolicited emails.
  • Utilize Federal Trade Commission resources  HERE
  • If you are a victim of identity theft, report it to your local law enforcement agency and seek assistance  HERE


                                                                        Online Security


Notifythepoliceimmediatelyifacomputercontaininganysensitiveorconfidentialinformationhasbeenlostor stolen. Information and account security for Palomar College systems is also regulated by the Board Policy3720 Computer and Network Use. Report policy violations to the Information Services Department at760-744-1150 Extension 2140 during normal business hours, or PCPD at760-891-7273.

Here are some tips to keep your computer safe:

  • Use security software
    • Maintain current software and updates
    • Frequently back up important documents and files
    • Never share passwords or passphrases
  • Do not click random links
  • Beware of e-mail or attachments from unknown people
    • Do not download unfamiliar software off the internet
  • Log out of or lock your computer