Master Plan 2022 Update (2018)

Welcome to the Palomar College Web Site for the Educational Master Plan (EMP) - 2018 Update!  This site provides information on the Palomar EMP Steering Committee, the update process and timeline, and the data and documents under review for completion of the update.

Overview of the Palomar EMP Update – 2018

The College is currently in the process of conducting its regular update to the Palomar Educational Master Plan (EMP).  The last update was completed in 2010, and the current EMP sunsets in 2022.  This update will provide current data and information about the College to continue relevant, contemporary educational planning, responsive to student and community needs for the Palomar College region.  Additionally, it will provide an updated foundation for ongoing facilities planning.  The 2018 EMP Update will carry the College forward to its more in-depth, comprehensive Educational and Facilities Master Planning process, which is planned for 2020-2022.

EMP Update Process

To assist with the EMP 2018 Update, the College has engaged the Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) to provide technical services and support for the process.  CBT will work with the Palomar EMP Update Steering Committee to gather current internal and external environmental scanning data and information to guide the update.  A series of listening sessions will be conducted, utilizing the College’s existing governance structure and planning councils so as to not duplicate efforts, and to support transparency and communication with all college departments and constituents.  Once completed, the draft EMP Update will be reviewed by the Strategic Planning Council (SPC), and then provided to the Board of Trustees.  The Final Document is planned to be ready for distribution by November 2018.

EMP Steering Committee

The College EMP Steering Committee is composed of faculty, staff, administrator and student representatives from the key governance committees and planning councils of the College.  Its charge is two-fold:  (1) to work with the CBT team in reviewing the EMP Update components as they are developed, and (2) to communicate with planning councils, committees and constituents the progress of the Update and share feedback among the members and with the CBT team.

This website is designed as a vehicle to assist the Steering Committee with its communication process.  As the update process progresses, information and documents developed for the update will be posted on this web site to provide transparency in the process, and the opportunity for all College constituents to review the materials and provide any additional insights they may have for the Update.

Educational Master Planning Committee





The timeline below outlines the key steps in the Update process.

Progress Reports

Palomar College EMP Update March 19, 2018

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