Instructional Program Review and Planning

Announcements 2023-24


The Program Review timeline is shifting and all units will begin program review in the spring semester.

All Instructional programs will complete the Annual PRP form. Comprehensive reviews will resume in 2024-25.

2023-24 PRP Training Sessions (Zoom)

Training sessions will begin in January 2024. The first training session will be held during Spring Plenary on January 25th. Additional trainings for instructional program review will be scheduled for February 2024. Check back soon for specific dates and times. Videos of the scheduled trainings will be posted below.



The College assesses progress toward achieving stated goals and makes decisions regarding the improvement of institutional effectiveness in an on-going and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning resource allocation, implementation, and re-evaluation. Evaluation of instructional and non-instructional programs  is based on analyses of both quantitative and qualitative data. The PRP process was used to prioritize funding for approved requests, which can be accessed in the link below.

Resource Allocations by Year


Instructional programs participate in a three-year cycle of Program Review and Planning. In year one, programs complete a comprehensive plan/review. In years two and three, programs provide annual updates to the comprehensive review. The Program Review and Planning process will now begin in the spring semester. For the 2023-24 review year, all units will complete an Annual PRP review. Comprehensive reviews will resume in 2024-25.

The best Program Review and Planning documents are created through a collaborative effort! We ask that disciplines engage their full and part-time faculty, when possible, in completing their reviews.

Student Giving Presentation

To complete the program review process:

  • Department Chairs will be notified that the Instructional PRP form link is available in the Program Review and Planning webpage.
  • Department Chairs will inform discipline leads where they can access the link .
  • Once the form is complete and submitted, the form will be shared with Deans and VPs for review and feedback. PRPs may also be reviewed by an instructional peer review team.
  • Disciplines will then provide edits to the PRP, as appropriate.

Warning: Forms do not save automatically. Be sure to save the form often. Forms do not allow for simultaneous work from different computers. Coordinate with your discipline colleagues to be sure no more than one computer has the form open at the same time, otherwise, entries to the form will be overridden.


Instructions and Resources

To complete a program review, complete the steps below. Click on each step for helpful information and resources.


Webpage, Forms, and Data UpdatedIR&P/ADAs9/11/231/25/24
TrainingIRP / Others1/25/242/23/24
Disciplines Complete PRP FormsDisciplines1/29/243/21/24
Chairs Confirm completion of PRPsChairs3/25/243/28/24
Review of PRPs; Deans Engage with Disciplines for Follow-up if NeededDeans4/1/244/26/24
Disciplines Receive Feedback and Make any ChangesDisciplines4/29/245/10/24
Dean Sign Off on Final PRPDeans5/17/245/24/24
Vice President Review and FeedbackVPs5/24/246/27/24

*Research will provide drop-in times for data review

**Deans will review technology and facilities requests and notify chairs to complete forms for Technology and Facilities requests that will move forward for prioritization.

Completed PRPs

Completed PRPs for Instructional programs and Non-instructional departments can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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