Completed PRP Forms

This page is designed to display completed program reviews for each instructional discipline and non-instructional department within the context of its current program review and planning cycle. While each discipline/unit follows a three-year cycle of program review, they do not all begin this cycle in the same year. Therefore, instead of organizing completed Program Review and Planning (PRP) documents by year, they are organized by cycle.

In year one of the planning cycle, disciplines/units complete a comprehensive review. In years two and three, an annual updated is completed. Blank fields below indicate that a discipline/unit is in the midst of the three-year planning cycle. In some cases, a discipline has been discontinued or a unit has been enfolded into a related department.

Finance and Administrative Services

Human Resource Services


Instructional Services and Education Centers/Sites

President's Office

Student Services

PRP Archives

Completed PRPs were previously listed in groupings of three year cycles (see links below for historical PRPs). Beginning Fall 2020, Completed PRP documents will be housed in a comprehensive spreadsheet that allows for filtering by Division, Department, Instructional/Non-Instructional, Comprehensive/Annual, etc. The document is accessible through the button below and a Palomar login is required to access the data.