Emergency Information

Building Emergency Plan (BEP) (Template)

Emergency Operation Plan

COVID-19 Prevention Plan/ Safety Plan

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Manual

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Position Checklists

Emergency Preparedness Information (Earthquake, Evacuation, and Lockdown tips)

Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Procedures Guides

Emergency Procedure Poster

San Marcos Campus

Escondido Center

Rancho Bernardo Center

Fallbrook Education Center

Emergency Maps:

San Marcos Campus Map

Escondido Center Map

Fallbrook Center Map

Rancho Bernardo Center Map

Emergency Phone Numbers:

If calling from a campus phone:





Poison Control

  9-1 (800) 222-1222

Campus Police

ex: 2289 or 9-1 (760) 891-7273

Environmental Health & Safety

ex: 3677

Health Services

ex: 2380


ex: 2629

When calling, calmly state:

  • Your full name.
  • Exact address of building, floor, and area or department of emergency
  • Whether any injuries have occurred.
  • Hazards present which may threaten persons on the scene or those responding (chemical storage, compressed gases, etc.).
  • Telephone number and location at the scene where you can be reached

Don’t hang up!! Let the person you are talking to end the conversation; other information may be needed.