Cactus Garden

The Palomar Cactus & Succulent Garden was established in 1964 on the Palomar College Campus. It exists on a two and one half acre site located north of Mission Rd. and east of Comet Circle in San Marcos.

The PC&SG has over 800 varieties of plants in two sections, one fenced and one un-fenced. The larger section (un-fenced) has an area of approximately 1.6 acres and is un-maintained. It has a typical California chaparral look with spotty plantings of native and non-native trees and shrubs, cactus and agaves.

The smaller fenced area of approximately .9 acres has many unusual and mature plant specimens. This section is laid out in areas of special interest such as; Baja California plants, aloes, agaves, euphorbia’s, cactus, etc.

The PC&SG is unique for a local Society garden providing an area with a wide variety of mature  plants in as natural a setting as possible. The garden is open to Palomar College students and PC&SS  members by appointment. 

Over the years many educational evens have been held in the garden. These events include but are not limited to:

  • Photography lessons/sessions
  • Plant seminars
  • Community walk thru (by hiking groups)
  • Ecological demonstrations to local school and garden groups


Tony Rangel
President, Friends of the Palomar College Arboretum Committee
Phone: (760) 744-1150 x2133