FAQs – Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


How do I request a key?

When authorized by a Department Chairperson/Director and the appropriate Dean or Vice-President, individual room keys (restricted classrooms and offices) will be issued to the following employee classifications by submitting a Key Request Form to the Facilities Office:

  •   Executive Administrator
  •   Part-Time Faculty
  •   Permanent Classified
  •   Permanent Faculty
  •   Temporary Employees (formerly known as Short-Term Employees)

Please submit a Key/Card Access Request Form to the Facilities Office.

How am I notified my key(s) are ready for pickup?

When District keys are ready for pick-up, an email will be sent to the individual (this applies to the San Marcos Campus only).

All keys, for the Escondido Center, will be issued through the Escondido Center’s Extended Education’s Office and can be picked up at their office located in room ESC-16, Monday through Friday.

How do I report a lost or stolen key?

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to Campus Police within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft, and the issuing department immediately. It is important to document all information regarding the incident and all details should be included. This will help in any investigation that may follow.

What happens if my key request is denied?

If a key request is denied, the Facilities Office will notify the department chairperson/director by email the reason why the key request has been denied.

I found unidentified keys on campus, where should they be returned?

Nothing is more frustrating than losing your keys.  You’re all set to go, the clock is ticking—and yet, you’re stuck.  Missing keys will send most people into a panic.  To prevent losing your keys, keep them in exactly the same place every day.  You might also consider buying a key chain that responds to clapping or another sound command.

Missing keys found on campus are to be returned to the Facilities Office not to Lost and Found at Campus Police.

My key broke off the in lock, what do I do?

Call the Facilities Office at extension 2629, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.  After these hours and on weekends as well as holidays, please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273.

My key will not open the door and it has the same number on the key as my co-workers?

The key may be defective.  Call the Facilities Office at extension 2629, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How long will I have to wait to have my lock changed?

This depends on the maintenance backlog list and the criticality of the request.  Emergencies are normally completed within days of receiving the work order via FacilitiesRemedy@palomar.edu.

If I am locked out of my room who do I call to let me into my room?

If you are locked out of your office, please call the Facilities Office at extension 2629, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  After these hours and on weekends as well as holidays, please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273.

If you are locked out of a unrestricted classroom, please call Campus Police at extension 2289, Monday through Sunday.

If you are locked out of a restricted classroom, please call the Facilities Office at extension 2629, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  After these hours and on weekends as well as holidays, please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273.

Can I send someone else to pick up my keys?

Academic Departments Assistants/Staff Aides/Staff Assistants/Secretary’s can be sent on your behalf; however they cannot sign for the key.  Key/Card Access Request Form must be signed by the key holder and the signed forms are to be returned to the Facilities Office within a few days.


Are the elevators safe to ride? 

Absolutely!  The Facilities Office and Otis Elevator Services are committed to elevator reliability and safety.  We are very aware of how critical elevators are to College operations, and particularly to our disabled community members who rely on them to navigate through the campus.

If I am trapped in an elevator, what should I do?

First, please stay calm.  Use the elevator telephone to contact an elevator service representative.  The person on the other end of that phone line has been trained to provide reassuring communication.  They will immediately dispatch an elevator service technician to get you out of the elevator.

You will notice signage in each elevator cab, next to the telephone call box, that provides directions to entrapped or distressed passengers in the event they need to use the call box to contact an elevator service representative.  The information on those signs will ensure that the call center has all the information they require to respond in a timely manner.

It takes time for an elevator technician to travel to the problematic elevator.  Some elevator rescues might take minutes; other times, it may take longer for the technician to travel to the site and troubleshoot the problem.  Please stay calm, and know that help is on the way.  If you feel panicked, please use the telephone to contact the service representative again.

The Facilities Department and our vendor, Otis Elevator Services, take elevator safety and reliability very seriously.  We understand how unpleasant and unsettling entrapments are, and do everything in our power to avoid them and respond to them sensitively and quickly when they do occur.

What type of maintenance service is conducted on the elevators? 

Otis Elevator Services provides monthly maintenance service to ensure safe and reliable operation of our elevators and lifts.  Otis Elevator Services thoroughly inspects and makes adjustments to the variety of components required to ensure smooth and reliable operation, including cab fixtures, signals and lights, handrails and panels, hoist way rails, machine room equipment, pumps and valves, oil levels and tank integrity, controller contacts, main operating controllers and switches, pump motor bearings, traveling cables, pit gland packing’s, undercar guides, traveling cabbies, door operator components, door safety edges, light rays and cables.

Although California law prohibits our Facilities/Building Services staff from working on elevator mechanisms, our staff is trained to ensure that they are knowledgeable and prepared to assist in entrapment rescues along with Campus Police.

Who maintains the elevators on campus?

The Facilities Office oversees the elevators at the San Marcos campus and South Education Center. The Facilities Office administers the maintenance contract with Otis Elevator Services.  We are on a 24-hour call for ANY elevator problem and will respond to all calls immediately.

If you are aware of a problem with an elevator on campus, please contact the Facilities Office, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  After these hours and on weekends as well as holidays, please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273.

Why are some of the elevator permits expired? 

The California State Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) Elevator, Ride and Tramway (ERT) Unit issues permits to operator our elevators and other lift devices; they conduct periodic inspections to ensure that the devices are operating safely; and they investigate complaints and accidents.

If the permit in an elevator has expired, it is because DOSH has not conducted their annual inspection for this period.  It is not unusual for DOSH to be behind schedule, and we have no way to impact their inspection schedule.

Being a government agency, DOSH has experienced budget cuts that have resulted in work overloads for their inspectors.  Their inspectors place priority on inspecting new or reconstructed elevators and elevators that were involved in injuries, and place the lowest priority on “unincidental” elevators that simply require a re-inspection, such as ours.  Until DOSH conducts their inspection, they will not re-issue a current permit.


What is a person hears the alarm but is not sure there is a fire? 

NO ONE, AT ANY TIME, should second-guess a fire alarm.  Do not use the elevator; find the exit door and the stairs and evacuate the building.  After a person is safe, they can ascertain the validity of the alarm.

What should one do with a spent fire extinguisher?

Once a fire extinguisher is used, submit the on-line Fire & Safety Request Form to the Facilities Office so the fire extinguisher can be replaced. 


Can a person be cited for detaching the shoulder strap or putting it under his/her arm?

Yes.  It’s illegal for a motorist to disable a shoulder strap if it is part of the vehicle’s manufactured safety system.

Can I leave my personal vehicle at the Parking Structure while using a College Fleet Vehicle?

Yes, a privately (personally) owned vehicle may be parked at the Palomar College Parking Structure in Parking Lot 12 while renting a College fleet vehicle for the maximum of the trip.  In your trip packet, there is a paper to put on your dash to notify Campus Police.

The employee’s parking permit must be hanging on the rear-view mirror or displayed on the dashboard within their vehicles.

Can you help me with my personal vehicle (e.g., dead batteries, keys locked in car)?

The Palomar College Facilities Office can only respond to calls regarding college-owned vehicles.  However, Campus Police may be able to assist you.

How do I cancel a vehicle reservation?

Owing to high demands for fleet vehicles, cancellations should be reported to the Facilities Office as soon as the driver/department is aware the vehicle will no longer be needed.  Palomar College fleet vehicles cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the departure will be removed from the Facilities Office vehicle schedule and the requesting Department will not be charged.

If a weather emergency forces trip cancellations, this charge will be waived.

Palomar College fleet vehicle requests not cancelled within the 24 hours advance notice will result in a fee (Cancellation fees are currently pending approval) billed to the requesting Department.

How do I obtain permission to park a vehicle on campus sidewalks?

In order to protect Palomar College property and landscape, the operation of motorized vehicles on College sidewalks is generally prohibited.  However due to the unique layout of the campus with some areas of campus not having street or service-area access, a sidewalk permit process has been established allowing limited vehicle access to permitted areas of campus.

The majority of College sidewalks are closed to vehicle access.  The only exceptions are for emergency/safety and occasional maintenance/construction vehicles.  Assurances have been made that every building has immediate adjacent access from either roads or an open sidewalk.  A “Vehicle Access on Sidewalks” request only entitles a vehicle to access the location indicated on the form.

Palomar College departments may only request Vehicle Access on Sidewalks Request Form electronically by filling out the form and submitting it to the Facilities Office for approval/denial.  Requesting Departments are required to justify the need to operate a vehicle on the sidewalk for a specific event or task.

The Facilities Office will send notification to the Campus Department through electronic mail if the vehicle access permit has been approved/denied.

How do I reserve a College Fleet Vehicle?

We are no longer accepting the Vehicle Request Form. All requests are to be submitted through Facilitron – https://www.facilitron.com/pcdv92127.

  • To set up an account, please email FacilitiesOffice@palomar.edu. You will receive an automated email from Facilitron to create a password to access your account.

How much does it cost to use a College vehicle and how do I pay for gas?

Charges for College vehicles are calculated by the mile.  All College vehicles cost $0.655 per mile to use which is billed to the account of the department or organization each month.

Each vehicle is provide with a Voyager gasoline card for fuel.  Always get a receipt with each fill up and place it in the Trip Ticket Packet with the gas card.

I have been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, what do I do?

If you should have an accident while driving a college-owned vehicle, it is imperative that it be reported to the local police department. Simply exchanging insurance information with the other driver is not acceptable. The accident should be reported even if it does not involve another vehicle.

In addition, the Facilities Office, and your department or unit, must be notified immediately of any accidents involving a college vehicle.  The Office may be reached from off-campus by calling 1 + 760/744-1150, extension 2629, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; after hours and on weekends, please contact the Director, Facilities.  Phone information is provided on the Trip Ticket Packet Slip.

When you have been in an accident, you must:

  •      Stop at once.
  •      Get immediate medical attention if you are injured.
  •      Remain calm and do not argue.  Arguing can result in a lawsuit.
  •      Never agree to make payments for the accident.
  •      Discuss the accident only with police officers, the College’s insurance company (Keenan & Associates) and College officials.
  •       Record as much information as you can on all other parties to the accident.  This insurance may include the following:
    • Their insurance company
    • Their name
    • License number
    • Plate number
    • Make
    • Model
    • Year of vehicle
    • How the accident happened
    • Witnesses (with addresses and phone numbers)
  •  Take required precautions to prevent further accidents at the scene (place triangle reflectors, if available)
  •  Complete provided SWACC Accident Report (form is located inside Trip Ticket Packet) and turn into Facilities Office.  Completed form will be turned into District’s Risk Management Office.

I have been told that I could not drive a College Fleet Vehicle because of my driving record.  Where can I find information on this criteria?

The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program was established to provide employers and regulatory agencies with a means of promoting driver safety through the ongoing review of driver records.

An employer enrolled in the EPN program is assigned a requester code. The requester code is added to an employee’s driver license (DL) record. When an employee’s DL is updated to record an action/activity, a check is made electronically to determine if a pull notice is on file. If the action/activity is one that is specified to be reported under the EPN program, a driver record is generated and mailed to that employer.

The EPN program allows an organization to monitor DL records of employees who drive on Palomar College’s behalf. This monitoring accomplishes the following:

  •  Improves public safety.
  •  Determines if each driver has a valid DL.
  •  Reveals problem drivers or driving behavior.
  •  Helps to minimize the District’s liability.

May I legally transport more people than the number of safety belts in my vehicle?

No.  Every person riding in a private passenger motor vehicle must be properly restrained in an approved safety belt system.

My Fleet Vehicle has broken down, what do I do?

If a vehicle breakdown occurs during normal operating hours, please contact the Facilities Office, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at extension 2629 or via email FacilitiesOffice@palomar.edu our staff will coordinate alternative transportation and vehicle towing.

If a vehicle breakdown occurs after hours and weekends, please contact the Director, Facilities.  Phone information is provided on the Trip Ticket Packet Slip.

  1. Move the vehicle, if possible, to a safe location.
  2. If the vehicle is not in a safe location or unable to be moved, please inform us.
  3. Inform the Facilities Office of the vehicle breakdown ASAP.  All repairs must be authorized through the Facilities Office.

What do I do when I return a College Fleet Vehicle?

The driver must return the Palomar College Fleet Vehicle to the Parking Structure as scheduled.  If the return time is delayed, please contact the Facilities Office and notify us of the change in plans. When returning vehicles, please park and lock the vehicle, record the beginning and ending odometer reading, sign and date the Vehicle Operator Trip Ticket Form and bring the keys into the office, including any fuel receipts.  If the office is closed, place the keys, credit card, trip ticket request form and any receipts in the trip ticket packet and leave in the drop box.

What if I am driving a rented passenger vehicle on College business?

Remember: all drivers must be eligible to operate a College fleet vehicle as outlined in the “Fleet Vehicle Policy Guide.”

What if I need to use my cell phone during an emergency?

The law allows a driver to use a wireless telephone to make emergency calls to a law enforcement agency, a medical provider, the fire department, or other emergency services agencies.

What types of College Fleet Vehicles are available?

The Palomar College Facilities Office is responsible for the care and condition of approximately twenty-four (24) vehicles used by employees on official contract college business.  The Facilities Office tracks departmental use and will make necessary vehicle adjustments and repairs.  Our licensed mechanic schedules and performs routine maintenance and documents any adjustments and repairs made.  Fleet vehicles undergo annual safety inspections.


Are animals allowed on campus?

With the exception of animals specifically exempted by this policy, animals are not permitted on campus <BP 3580 – Animals on Campus>

The following animals are permitted on District property:

  • Animals specifically trained to assist individuals with disabilities as guide, service, or signal dogs.
  • On-duty police dogs
  • With prior campus police approval, animals used for instructional purposes, for a limited time, and under the immediate control of the instructor or handler.
  • On perimeter roads and sidewalks, leashed animals are permitted.

Animals are not allowed in unattended vehicles.

Owners of animals excepted or exempted by this policy must ensure vaccinations and licensing requirements are current, that the animals are in good health, and that the animals are registered with the County.

Owners of animals found on campus in violation of this regulation will be subject to citation and fine as provided by law and/or have their animals impounded by authorized officials.

Penal Code Sections 365.5, 365.7, and 597.7; Civil Code Sections 54.1 et seq.; 42 U.S. code Sections 12101 et seq.

How can I be notified of utility shutdowns?

The Facilities Office sends utility shutdown notifications by e-mail to the campus community.  Outages and Closings/Alerts and Bulletins are posted on the Facilities Department website.

How do I apply for a job at the Facilities Department?

If you are interested in becoming part of our great team, please see our current employment opportunities, and review our benefit highlights.

How do I request for new or replacement furniture for an office?

Furniture is normally replaced by departments using their own budget.  Occasionally, departments may find limited furniture items that may be available in surplus storage with the Warehouse.  An email or telephone inquiry may be made to determine if suitable furniture is available before ordering new.

I need a clock, bulletin board and file holder in my office, what shall I do?

Use your Office Depot account to purchase the items needed, then submit a work order via FacilitiesRemedy@palomar.edu to have them installed.  Please mark the location on the wall where the items will be placed as this will help out the Skilled Maintenance Technician if you’re not available when they arrive to complete the job.

If no one is using the disabled parking space and I can’t find an open space near my building, may I park in the disabled parking space?

The disabled parking space is for persons with a disability who prominently display an approved disability placard.  The disabled parking space includes the blue striped area next to the space with the disabled icon and or in front of the ramp.

In the event of a major power outage, who do I contact?

During normal business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, please call the Facilities Office at extension 2629.

A major power outage can occur at any time and at any location; however it is most hazardous when school is in session.  The inherent danger during a power outage is panic.  Campus personnel and students should remain calm.

All departments should assess the effects of the outage; decisions can then be made about resources needed to overcome temporary problems (especially important in classroom labs).

The decision to cancel classes and/or work or to evacuate parts or all of the campus is determined by the Executive Administration.

In the event of a utility failure, who do I contact?

During normal business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, please call the Facilities Office at extension 2629.  Report the nature and location of the failure.

  • Facilities personnel will be dispatched to the scene to take immediate steps to safeguard life and property7.  An accurate appraisal of conditions will be made, and equipment and/or personnel needed will be determined.
  • Facilities personnel will assess the effects of the failure and estimate the impact on facilities and personnel.
  • The Facilities Office will notify the Vice-Presidents of Finance & Administrative Services, Human Resources, Instruction and Students Services and any other appropriate personnel.

May I park in the fire lane or curb?  I will just be a few minutes.

The fire lanes are for the exclusive use of emergency vehicles and according to the California Vehicle Code (CVC) you may not stop in the fire lane.  Campus Police Officers may issue parking citations for fire lane violations.

Some of my belongings are missing from my room/office.  Who should I notify?

Call Campus Police at extension 2289.  They will dispatch an officer to file a report.

What role does the Facilities Department play at my college?

The Facilities Department is here to ensure a safe, effective and inspiring physical environmental that supports and enhances the vision, mission, values and goals of the Palomar Community College District.

Have you received my work order?

Upon receipt of your work order via FacilitiesRemedy@palomar.edu, you will receive an email confirmation with your work order number.  If you have any questions regarding the status of your project, please address your inquiries to the Facilities Office and reference the number provided.

When will my work order be completed?

The completion time for each work request varies due to many factors.  If a work request has not been completed in a reasonable amount of time, please call the Facilities Office at extension 2629 to check on the status of your request.

Who can I contact if I’ve lost something on campus?

Lost and Found is located at the Campus Police Department located near the Parking Structure in Lot 12.  All items found on campus are immediately turned in by the Facilities staff to Campus Police. We do not hold any items.  To claim an item, individuals must present current photo ID and a physical description of the item.

Please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273, seven days a week/24 hours per day.


Do you have a comment or question for the Facilities Department?

Contact the Facilities Office at extension 2629 or via email at FacilitiesOffice@palomar.edu

How do I report a problem?

The Facilities Office staff is responsible for receiving all requests for emergency, normal and special services.  It also establishes priorities and assigns responsibility to the appropriate department and/or trade for execution.  Service requests may be submitted by calling the Facilities Office at extension 2629 or by submitting an email to Facilities Remedy.

Emergency service requests require prompt action because of the immediate or potential hazard to the safety of the campus community or property.  They may also address a situation, which threatens an important campus function.  Examples include electrical power outages, gas/water leaks, flooding, etc.  Please contact the Facilities Office at extension 2629 immediately during our normal business hours of 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  After hours, and on Saturday’s and Sundays, please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273.

Normal service requests include maintenance and repair needs that commonly occur on a daily basis.  Examples include maintenance of doors, locks, windows, lighting, heating or cooling problems, plumbing, skilled maintenance, custodial and grounds services, etc.

How are complaints handled?

Complaints should be directed to the Facilities Office at extension 2629.  If they cannot be handled there immediately, they will be referred to the proper person.  Please do not hesitate to question a charge to your account.  We welcome the opportunity to either correct or justify the charge.

The same is true for other types of complaints; good communication helps us to meet our customer needs.

I reported a problem on a Tuesday and today is Wednesday and no one has been here to make the repair.  What’s going on?

All requests are monitored and assigned regularly throughout the day.  If the repair is considered an emergency, the problem is resolved the same day.  All other maintenance items are prioritized and assigned accordingly.  If, at any time, you feel that your request has been overlooked, please call the Facilities Office at extension 2629 or stop by our office (MO Building)

Who do I call for my billing questions? 

Please contact the Facilities Office at extension 2629.

Why are some services billable and some services non-billable?

The Facilities Department receives funding to maintain all State buildings.  These buildings are considered non-billable and are provided non-billable services, which include, routine custodial, grounds and trade tasks.  If however, you are modifying an existing space, require additional electrical, plumbing services, or require carpentry services, these are considered billable service requests.

Why is a request to make simple changes to my office, such as adding an outlet, a wall or A/C unit, considered a project?

What may seem like a simple request to you may actually be a Project because there are always other problems that need to be rectified before your request can be honored.  An example would be the installation of an outlet, some buildings are nearing capacity for the electrical services which means that a new service may have to be installed in order to add a new outlet.