Outdoor Policy Prohibitions

Outdoor events are subject to the same policies and procedures as indoor events, but because of their public nature there are additional considerations. Events to be held outside require that the sponsoring organization properly reserve the outdoor facility through the Events Scheduler, (760) 744-1150 extension 3450. The Events Scheduler will coordinate availability with other college departments as necessary. Some considerations about outdoor events:

  • Priority for use of College athletic fields is given to athletic events. Any uses which may damage playing surfaces will be carefully reviewed and may be limited to certain times of the year.

  • When planning an outdoor activity, alternative indoor facilities (if the activity can be moved indoors) should also be reserved in the event of inclement weather or a “rain date” should be considered.

  • The college does not have outdoor staging or sound equipment appropriate for most “concerts.” This equipment must be rented at the sponsor’s expense.

  • A limited number of tables, chairs, and trash containers are available to support outdoor events based upon availability and other scheduled programs.

  • Use of chalk on sidewalks, walls, windows, etc. is prohibited, unless a specific exception is made by contacting the above office.

  • Smoking is prohibited on campus with the exception of six designated areas on the main campus.

  • Smoking is prohibited at the Escondido center with the exception of one designated area.

  • The following animals are permitted on District property:

    • Animals specifically trained to assist individuals with disabilities as guide, service, or signal dogs.
    • On-duty police dogs
    • With prior Events Scheduler approval, animals used for instructional purposes, for a limited time, and under the immediate control of the instructor or handler.
  • It is the policy of the Palomar Community College District to provide, maintain, encourage, and support a drug-free and alcohol-free campus. The commitment of this policy is to provide education, prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery. An alcohol-free and drug-free campus will promote the safety and health of students, employees, and the public. All employees and students are clearly and expressly prohibited from the possession, being under the influence, or consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances on campus, at any school-sponsored events or while acting with the scope of employment.