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Bids, RFPs and RFQs

NEW! Palomar Community College District utilizes the Planet Bids platform for those bids released after 5/1/23.  Please click here to go to Planet Bids.  Note that you must be registered as a vendor in order to view bid documents. 

For past bids that were released prior to 5/1/23, please go to our Bids, RFPs, RFQs page.  This list includes open and closed projects for general business and Proposition M project related opportunities. Regardless of completion of the informal bidding application or qualification status, it is the responsibility of each contractor to check the website and watch for advertisements for new bids.

Public Works Projects / Construction / Special Services

District policy requires that a fully executed agreement is in place and all requirements are met before any services are to begin. To protect your company, make sure you have a completed all requirements prior to proceeding with any service for Palomar College.


Please complete the 2023 Informal Bidding Contract’s Application via the PlanetBids portal to be added to our informal bidding list.

The Palomar Community College District (“District”) located at 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069, has adopted the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act under Public Contract Code §22000 et seq.  In accordance with the State of California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Commission, the District is inviting all interested licensed contractors to submit their company for inclusion of the District’s list of qualified contractors for calendar year 2023.  Per California Public Contract Code 22032, any public works projects that is estimated to be below $200,000.00 is subject to the informal Bidding Procedures set forth by the state of California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission.  All trade categories are subject to Informal Bidding Procedures.  Contractors that are interested in being on the 2023 Qualified Contractor’s List are required to have a current license and are subject to verification from the Contractor State License Board (CSLB).

Pursuant to SB 854, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid for a public works project (submitted on or after March 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) and no contractor or subcontractor may be awarded a contract for a public works project (Awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the DIR per California Labor Code section 1725.5.

If you or your company would like to be placed on the District’s 2023 Qualified Contractor’s List for any public works project estimated to be below $200,000.00, please complete the District’s on-line Application for Qualification (2023) Calendar year by logging on to the Contract Services’ webpage.

Questions may be directed to the Office of Contract Services by contacting Allen Young at 760-744-1150, ext. 2697 or

Contractor Pre-Qualification

The Palomar Community College District has implemented a pre-qualification process to ensure the Contractors bidding and performing work on Proposition “M” Construction Bond Program projects and other District projects are skilled, competent and capable contractors. All general and prime contractors must be pre-qualified to bid for construction projects valued at more than $250,000.  Please go to our Contractor Pre-Qualification page for the application.

Proposition M

For information related to this proposition and related business opportunities for vendors, please go to the Proposition M web page.

For information regarding some of the rules and regulations governing purchases made at Palomar College, please go to the attached document that describes general information related to “Doing Business with Palomar College” whether for General Funds or Proposition M related work.

How to do Business with Palomar College

Procurement of Goods and Services

The Purchasing Department’s responsibility is always to find the best value. Value is judged as the ability to obtain a product or services of specified quality at a designated time and at a reasonable and competitive price. Lowest price is not necessarily the sole determinant. Delivery time, payment terms, quality of the goods or services may also be considered. After all, a low price does not guarantee delivery, and a lower quality item may not prove price advantageous over the long run if it is replaced more frequently. Please go to our Purchasing page for more information and to obtain our Vendor Information Form for procurement of goods and services.

District policy requires that a Purchase Order or CalCard must be used for the purchase of all goods and/or services. To protect your company, make sure you have a Purchase Order or District CalCard account number before you proceed with any service or before you supply any goods to Palomar College. This policy ensures prompt payment upon completion of services or delivery of merchandise. If you provide goods or services without Purchase Order or CalCard account number, you are doing business with the individual who places the order. That individual is personally responsible for any obligations incurred.

Insurance Requirements

Vendors are required to maintain adequate insurance to protect themselves and the District from claims for damages or personal injury.

How to Get Paid

Additional information is available regarding communicating with our Accounts Payable department in How to Get Paid.