Amazon FAQ

The District utilizes a centralized Amazon Business account to leverage additional cost-savings through business-only pricing and quantity discounts. Amazon Business is a marketplace extension of  In order to make use of Amazon Business, departments must submit a requisition for an open purchase order for the current fiscal year (using supplier ID#0000032547).  Purchasing will notify the requester once they are set up, so they may begin utilizing the centralized Amazon Business account.  Because this option has been implemented, Purchasing will no longer be approving the use of CalCards to purchase from Amazon.

Amazon Business Benefits

  • Free shipping on eligible items of purchases $25 or more
  • Access to millions of additional products, available only to Business customers
  • Business-specific pricing, including quantity discounts on eligible items
  • Access to specialized Amazon Business Customer Support

What you need to do

Send an e-mail to to get your Amazon Business Account set up.  If you need log in support once the account has been set up, please reach out to Amazon New User Registration Support 800-383-9484.


Is Amazon replacing Office Depot?  No, you now have the option to purchase from both vendors.  Office Depot should be primarily used for office supplies with Amazon only being used for those items that cannot be found on Office Depot.

How does Amazon Invoice?  Each user will receive invoices electronically in their account.  These invoices will reference the PO#.  It is the users responsibility to forward every invoice to Accounts Payable to, with the approval to process for payment.

What levels of oversight exist? Each requisition is approved through PeopleSoft as all other requisitions are, the approvers will depend on the account string being used.  In addition, as each user places an order through the Amazon Business website, an email will be sent to their direct supervisor for final approval before the order will be submitted to Amazon.

How do I contact Amazon Business Customer Support?  Please contact Amazon Business Support at (888) 281-3847