About Contract Services

The Contracts Office at Palomar College provides contract services to the executive administration, faculty, and staff. All construction contracts for public works projects by the District are let through the Office, and contracts and Board resolutions on a wide variety of topics are prepared.


  1. Complete the Contract Review and Approval Form. Additional information is found in the Contracts FAQs and https://www.palomar.edu/businessservices/contracts-forms/.
  2. Submit the completed and signed Contract Review and Approval Form, and attach as a separate pdf file the proposed contract/agreement/documentation, to Contract Services at Contracts@palomar.edu for review and processing. The office of Contract Services facilitates final contract language and prepares documents for signatures and routing in order to secure District approvals.
  3. Provide the authorized signers email address for the countersignature along with the Form and contract.
  4. Once the contract has been approved by the District’s authorized signatory and counter-signed by the Vendor/Contractor/Firm, Contract Services will return an electronic copy of the fully executed contract to you.
  5. If there is a cost associated with the contract, you will need to prepare a Purchase Requisition to complete the process. Do NOT process requisition until you are in receipt of the fully executed contract as that must be attached to your requisition as backup. Do not engage a contractor’s services until a Purchase Order has been processed.

Current Business Opportunities:

Bids, RFPs and RFQs —  Please go to the District’s PlanetBids portal to see our current list of bid, RFQ, and RFP opportunities.  Older bids (RFPs and RFQs) can be found on the  Bids, RFPs, RFQs page.  This list includes open and closed projects for general business and Proposition M project related opportunities.

Proposition M  For information related to this proposition and related business opportunities for vendors, please go to the Proposition M web page.

For information regarding some of the rules and regulations governing purchases made at Palomar College, please go to the attached document that describes general information related to “Doing Business with Palomar College” whether for General Funds or Proposition M related work.