About Purchasing


In accordance with Governor Gavin Newson’s Executive Order N-6-22 dated 4/12/22, Palomar Community College is informing all contractors and vendors of their requirement to comply with the recently imposed economic sanctions against Russia. Please see the memo via the link above relating to this Executive Order for further information.


Purchasing carries out procurement procedures in accordance with all provisions of the California Education Code, California Government Code, California Public Contract Code, and District Board Policies.

Purchasing prepares bids and maintains the legal requirements of the procurement process.  We strive to assure purchase requisitions are properly authorized; verify vendor sources; provide users/departments with current information on new products and services, alternative materials and costs; and prepare delivery schedules and the quality and quantity specifications for items and services to be purchased. We encourage competition among vendors through negotiation, competitive bidding, and contract buying; review contract and agreement language for requirements including hold harmless, indemnification, proper insurance levels and process the orders that relate to these documents; while also ensuring that purchase orders and contracts contain all necessary conditions, such as guarantees, warranties, governmental regulations, shipping instructions, free on board points (f.o.b.), credit terms and any applicable discounts.