FAQs – Warehouse

Can the warehouse store items for campus departments?
Only if space is available and arrangements are made with Warehouse Services prior to receiving shipment.

Who is responsible for moving/transferring furniture on campus?
The Facilities Department is responsible for all moves and transfers on campus. Warehouse Services is responsible for moving and transferring furniture to all the off-site campuses.

Who do we contact for surplus pick-up?
You must first fill out an Inventory Request Form which is available from the Fiscal Department web page.  The completed form (with all necessary signatures) should then be forwarded to the Pai Wang-Smith in Fiscal Services.  They will notify Warehouse Services when the surplus is ready for pick-up.  Note: The I.S. Department must deprogram computers before a surplus form is submitted.  Also, furniture, chairs, etc., with no property tag will be picked up by Warehouse Services as soon as possible.