Contractor Pre-Qualification Process

The Palomar Community College District has implemented a pre-qualification process to ensure the Contractors bidding and performing work on Proposition “M” Construction Bond Program projects and other District projects are skilled, competent and capable contractors. All general and prime contractors must be pre-qualified to bid for construction projects valued at more than $250,000. Please complete the Contractor PreQualification Application

The District’s Pre-Qualification does not preclude a firm from any project specific pre-qualification required by District’s contracted Construction Managers, nor is it a prerequisite for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Am I currently pre-qualified?
A. Please review the list (link on the left) “Prequalified Contractors” or Contact Allen Young at (760) 744-1150 Ext. 2697 or to see if you’re on the Pre-qualified Contractor list.

Q. What does the pre-qualification process evaluate?

A. The pre-qualification process evaluates the following information:

  • Contractor’s License Information
  • Contractor’s Safety Record
  • Contractor’s Civil & Criminal Records
  • Contractor’s Financial Condition
  • Contractor’s Surety Information
  • Contractor’s Insurance Information
  • Contractor’s Project Experience
  • Contractor’s Past Performance Experience

Q. What Contractors must be pre-qualified?
A. All general and prime contractors must be pre-qualified to bid on construction projects valued at more than $250,000. Sub-contractors that are bidding to general /prime contractors do not have to be prequalified.

Q. When does the pre-qualification expire?
A. Prequalification is good through the end of the District’s fiscal year (FY). FY Calendar is July 1st to June 30th. Prior to the end of the FY, a Requalification Validation package will be sent out to the current approved contractors in order to stay on current Prequalified Contractor list.

Q. How will I be notified of my pre-qualification status?
A. Contractors will be sent a letter via email of their pre-qualification status.

Q. If I have additional questions, who I direct them to?
A. Contact Allen Young, Contracts Administrator, at (760) 744-1150 Ext. 2697 or

Q. If contractor is qualified through the District, would they have to complete an assigned CM-at-Risk’s prequalification package for any project specific District job?
A. Yes, if required by the assigned CM-at-Risk firm.  The District’s prequalification does not preclude a firm from any project specific prequalification.