Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Requisitions (Requisitions) are to be entered by the individual in the department requesting the goods or services.  Requisitions must contain sufficient detail for the creation of the Purchase Order, including the quantity of each item, a complete description, and the cost associated with the item.  Additionally, any required information the vendor has requested should be included, such as a quote number.  The product quote should be used to enter the detail for the Requisition and a copy of the valid (non-expired) quote must be uploaded to PeopleSoft.

Requisitions for goods/products should not be entered as a “lump sum” without line item detail.  It is the responsibility of the requestor to enter this information for the purchase.  Purchasing will use the supplied quote to verify and double check entries, but is not responsible for entering each line item for a purchase.

Instructions for how to enter a requisition in People Soft can be found via the following link: PeopleSoft Requisition Creation Instructions

Contact Purchasing@palomar.edu with any questions related to Requisitions.