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Vendor Information – How to Get Paid

Upon completion of services or delivery of merchandise, submit your invoice to:

Accounts Payable
Palomar Community College
1140 W. Mission Road
San Marcos, CA  92069-1487

Be sure our Purchase Order number is included on the invoice. Without a Purchase Order, your payment may be significantly delayed.

In addition, your invoice should:

  • include your invoice number and date;
  • list the services or goods provided, with quantity delivered and price per item (do not invoice for items not shipped);
  • state the name of the site and/or individual to whom the service or merchandise was delivered;
  • state your “remit to” address; and
  • be addressed to “Palomar Community College District,” not to an individual or college campus.

Normally it will take at least 30 days to process your payment. Why? When we receive your invoice, it is matched with the district’s acknowledgement of receipt of your goods or services. If the site receiving your goods or services has not acknowledged receipt, this information must be requested.

If you have not received payment within 30 days of actual invoicing, you may want to check on the status of your invoice with Accounts Payable, (760) 744-1150, Ext. 2116. To do so, you will need:

  • your invoice number and date,
  • the dollar amount of invoice,
  • our Purchase Order number.

Because of the high volume of calls Accounts Payable sometimes receives, your call may be routed to voice mail. If this happens, remember to speak clearly and slowly, and provide the name of your company, your name, phone number, invoice number and invoice amount, and our PO number.