Risk Management

Risk Management is responsible for purchasing Palomar College’s insurance (with the exception of life and health insurance) and processing related claims. This includes property claims, liability claims, auto claims, athletic injuries, and others.

If an accident occurs, contact our office at Ext. 2122 as soon as possible. We will take your claim information and deal with the appropriate insurance carriers for you.

For information on accident/injury prevention, please contact Derrick Johnson at Ext. 3677.

In the event that District property is damaged, lost or stolen, please complete page 3 of the  Property & Liability Claim Form (For personal property loss, complete page 2)

  • Property and Liability Loss Prevention Program.
    • The Property and Liability Loss Prevention Program at EH&S includes a number of different management plans in order to identify risks on campus, reduce the number of employee injuries and provide guidance in investigating accidents. These plans are as follows: the Statewide Association of Community College (SWACC), Risk Improvement Action Plan, the District Incident/Accident Investigation Program; Corrective Action Plan, and the Protected Insurance Program (PIPS) for schools and community colleges.

Risk Management Forms

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