Environmental Health & Safety

Mission Statement

The Universal Mission of the Palomar Environmental Health & Safety Department is to promote the most optimal level achievable for a safe, secure, and healthy environment for employees, students, visitors and property.

EH&S strives to support PCC District by reducing risks and providing a solid long term foundation for education, work, the community and the environment.  EH&S will work with all levels of management, education, and the community to ensure we achieve these goals.


2 thoughts on “Environmental Health & Safety

  1. Hi. I am just raising concern for the lighting issues in parking lot 5. The lights may either be broken or very dim because at night I cannot see much without a flashlight on. It makes me and other students very unsafe as well since it is very dark. Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    After walking on campus last night I noticed there was a light out behind the SU. The lighting that goes on the short street from the SU to the NS building. I have I picture of it that I can provide if you’d like.

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