Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guide for COVID-19

The information shared on this webpage is intended to keep Palomar Community College District employees informed of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Employees must determine a level of risk to occupational exposure in order to be supplied with the most appropriate PPE to wear during work hours. Review the levels of risk.

Once you have determined your level of risk, communicate that level to your supervisor, or department chair, for review. Your supervisor, or department chair, will communicate your PPE needs to Environmental Health & Safety. A  supervisor may request PPE by emailing

It is important to keep in mind that on-site work environments can and will change depending on individual assignments and the amount of people in the areas of campus you will be working. Your assignments and the amount of people in your work environment may depend on the applicable District policies in place at the time of your work assignment. Please reassess your level of risk as your assignment(s) change.




Occupational Risk Exposure Levels for COVID-19

Resources on Mask Safety

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