Fire and Life Safety

General Fire Extinguisher Maintenance:

Portable fire extinguishers play a major role in building safety equipment and campus life safety systems.  The majority of all campus areas are supplied with multipurpose class ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers.  Other types of fire extinguishers include carbon dioxide, water, Halon, Type K liquid mist (kitchens) and Met-L-X (class D metals fires).  The type of portable fire extinguisher should be compatible with the potential fire hazards, operations and building materials in the immediate area.

Portable fire extinguishers should not be blocked at any time and be well marked for emergency use.  After use, the extinguisher must be recharged or replaced by authorized personnel.

Ensure that the safety pin is in place and attached by a plastic seal.  If it is missing or has been tampered with, submit a Fire & Safety Request Form to the Facilities Office.



Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Program:

Fire extinguishers are provided through the Palomar College owned campus buildings where required by NFPA 10 and the local Fire Marshal. The program is managed by the Manager, Environmental Health & Safety.

  • Buildings: Only those required by code are provided in building design.  In an effort to keep costs down, areas are periodically reviewed for optimal placement of units to avoid over coverage.  Departments wishing to have extra units in place for special needs may request them and fund accordingly.
  • Vehicles: All College Fleet Vehicles (including Campus Police Vehicles) and Golf/Maintenance Carts are equipped with a fire extinguisher.



Fire Extinguisher Inventory Logs:

  • San Marcos Campus Fire Extinguisher Log
  • Escondido Center Fire Extinguisher Log
  • Rancho Bernardo Center Fire Extinguisher Log
  • Fallbrook Center Fire Extinguisher Log

    For information regarding fire emergencies and drills, go to the Emergency Information page.