Department Policies and Procedures

Carefully review the following list of our EME Department Policies by clicking the links below

Cell Phone Policy  – The policy for rules of use of cellular phones in and out of the classroom.

Denial/Revocation EMT AEMT Policy– The policy outlines the circumstances by which an EMT or AEMT would have his/her license revoked.

Denial/Revocation Paramedic Policy– The policy outlines the circumstances by which a Paramedic would have his/her license revoked.

EME 106 Acceptance Policy – The policy for acceptance of EME 106 courses.

Certificate of Proficiency – For students to show prerequisites for EME 106/EME 106L have been met.

Controlled Substance Policy – The policy for rules regarding care of controlled substances while in training.

Equipment – The policy for care of training equipment.

Felony Conviction Policy – The policy regarding students who may have a conviction on record.

Oxygen – The Policy regarding handling of empty and full O2 tanks.

Paramedic Challenge Policy – For R.N., Physician Assistants and M.D.’s who may want to challenge the prerequisites of admittance into the Paramedic Program.

Paramedic Repeat Student Policy – For those Paramedic Students who were unsuccessful in their first attempt at completion of the Paramedic Program and want re-admittance into the program.

Physical Exam Policy for Paramedics – All Paramedic Students must pass a general physical exam once accepted into the program.