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Welcome to the Emergency Medical Education Department

Our EME office at the Escondido Center will re-open on Monday, January 3rd, 2022.

Please check out our EME FAQ page for additional information!


Application for COHORT 60 is open.  Click this link Cohort 60 to go to the application page.

  • The application can also be found under the Paramedic and COHORT information tab, then choose the  Cohort 60 tab.


We encourage students to check your Palomar student email and Canvas accounts
for information regarding your classes!
Please visit our menu for information about courses and programs offered leading to careers in the
Emergency Medical Service field



If you are looking to purchase a San Diego protocol book, you can purchase it directly from their website @ CAparamedic.org.

Direct link to the protocol bookshttps://caparamedic.org/products/

For information on the Palomar Fire Academy or other Fire courses, contact the Fire Technology Department at (760) 744-1150 x1704 or visit their web site at www.palomar.edu/fire

For General Information on starting a career in EMS in San Diego County, please refer to the following web site.   www.firefightermedic.com

Click the “Palomar Powered” link directly below to view a pathway of courses leading to both Fire and Paramedic Academies!

Click here for Gainful Employment Information

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