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Associated Student Government for 2022-2023

Congratulations to our new Associated Student Government (ASG)  for  2022-2023.

Stephanie Wu – Student Trustee

Hello everyone!
I’m Stephanie Wu and my pronouns are she/her! I am a first-year student at Palomar majoring in Biology. This past semester I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Associated Student Government at Palomar and I can confirm it’s not like high school ASB at all haha! (It’s better!) I spent a lot of high school virtually and this school year was just as challenging in terms of most students not being able to be back on campus. With ASG, we were able to work through the many barriers we faced, constantly trying to find different ways to engage with the student body and create a safer space on campus as we hopefully get more students back on campus next fall! This semester, I served as the VP of Events and while I had a blast planning, I will be running to represent Palomar College’s students as the Student Trustee. I am only one of many voices on campus so let me represent yours too.”

Christopher Garcia Mendez – ASG President

A student, athlete, coach, referee, friend, first-generation student, and member of our community, Christopher Garcia Mendez believes that it is important to provide the service for students especially to those experiencing hard times. Christopher is a member of the Puente Program and is serving as the Vice President of Finance of Associated Student Government. He was nominated as a candidate for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges election, with the ambition to promote student advocacy for the students of the State of California . He fights endlessly to bring the voices of students with all matters that relate to the education of students. His record of being able to understand the needs of various students, and bring forward those voices to provide the representation needed for the students of Palomar College. Christopher intends to transfer to a four year university after Palomar College, and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, as well as to obtain a master’s degree in architecture to which he hopes to enter his current field of study and work in higher education.

Vivian Sanchez Rojas – Vice President of ASG

My name is Vivian Sanchez Rojas, and I’m a Political Science major at Palomar. I am heavily involved in advocating for undocumented people and supporting the United States Postal Services. I have taken my advocacy to the next level as I created a non-profit called Write to Me to You to educate others on the importance of having a free mailing service in the United States. Throughout my journey, I have also helped the nonprofit Diverse Your Narrative and First-Generation Support to explain my current journey as a Community College student. To be in a leadership position is an honor and a way to serve the community for future students to engage with college life. I hope to help amplify undocumented voices and remove the stigma of attending community college.

Pablo Rodriguez – VP of Club Affairs

Hi, my name is Pablo Rodriguez, I’m 24 years old and currently pursuing a BS. Computer Science. I was born and raised in Costa Rica, where almost my entire family lives, and moved to Naples, Florida when I was 9 years old where I lived for ten years. I’m a Marine Corps veteran and was stationed in Camp Pendleton for 3 years before transitioning out in January of 2021 to pursue higher education. I enjoy hiking, camping, going to concerts, longboarding, and traveling. 


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