Associated Student Government Election Candidates for 2023-2024

Candidate Forum will be held on April 28 from 2:30-3:30 inside the Student Union

Running for ASG President (re-election)

picture of Christopher Garcia MendezChristopher Garcia Mendez
Bio: A student, athlete, tutor, peer mentor, coach, referee, friend, first-generation student, and member of our community, Christopher Garcia Mendez believes that it is important to provide service for students, especially to those experiencing hard times. Christopher is a member of the Puente Program and is serving as the current President of the Associated Student Government. He was nominated as a candidate for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges election, with the ambition to promote student advocacy for the students of the State of California. He fights endlessly to bring students’ voices with all matters that relate to the education of students and constantly stands for student rights and is often recognized for his endless battles to make things right and destroy educational barriers at Palomar College. His record of being able to understand the needs of various students and bring forward those voices to provide the representation needed for the students at Palomar College. Christopher intends to transfer to a four-year university after Palomar College and obtain a bachelor’s degree, as well as to obtain a master’s degree to which he hopes to enter his current field of study and work in higher education; has brought a special program to help undocumented students work on campus and his overall goal is to destroy educational barriers at Palomar before he transfers to help others also achieve higher education.

Running for Student Trustee

photo of Grant WassGrant Wass

Bio: Hi, my name is Grant Wass, and I am a first-year Biology major and performance violinist running to be our school’s next Student Trustee! As someone who is familiar with the science and music departments at Palomar, it would be an honor to provide more opportunities to my classmates by representing them on the district level. If I were to be elected as the Student Trustee for the 2023-2024 school year, I would encourage more research opportunities to students in STEM by requesting either an expansion of the Bridges Program or the implementation/publicization of other research programs between Palomar students and local four-year universities. I would also propose more funding for our talented school musicians, artists, and other resource-underrepresented trade students, for they are also an integral part of Palomar’s diverse community and deserve more district investment. As the president of the Palomar Wildlife Club, I also understand the importance of out-of-school community events, and will fight for our clubs’ accessibility to officially host voluntary events outside of the Palomar Community College District (ex. beach cleanups).
As a candidate to become Palomar College’s next Student Trustee, I will make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and be a valuable asset to the student body in contributing to positive, impactful decisions made at the Palomar College Governing Board.

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