Concern about Faculty

Have a concern about a faculty member?

If you are a student who wishes to report a concern or file a complaint about a faculty member, please review your options for reporting these matters below:

Matters related to students issuing complaints about faculty members are first addressed by the academic departments. Please note, these concerns may come back to the Office of Student Life & Leadership if the complaint process if appropriate (ex: if the complaint process moves to a formal grievance).

NOTE – If you have a complaint related to discrimination or sexual harassment/ sexual misconduct, please FIRST email  

If you have a complaint/concern (unrelated to discrimination, sexual harassment or misconduct), below is information that you may find helpful:


Regarding the Informal Complaint Process:

  1. To initiate the informal complaint and address the concern students must first meet with the faculty member.
  • Remember to document these good faith efforts to resolve the challenge peacefully and professionally. Often students find it helpful to send an email to their faculty member to recap the meeting that you had (set up a time in advance to meet the faculty during their office hours).
    • Suggestion: In the email you can thank the professor for meeting with you and write to confirm the details of what you spoke about.
  1. If outcome of the meeting with your professor proves unsuccessful then students must meet with the Chairperson of the Department.
  • Be prepared to share dates, statements, and behaviors that demonstrate your concern.
  • Be prepared to share what you would like to request in order to be successful in the classroom.
  • Division and Department Contacts
  1. If the meeting with the Chairperson is not available or unsuccessful, you may then with the Dean of the Department.
  2. If the Chairperson and Dean are unable to address the concern, the final step in this Complaint Process is to meet with the Vice President of Instruction.
  3. Then, if you need and/or chose to move forward with a Formal Grievance Process, that is your right. Details regarding the Formal Grievance process is listed below.

FORMAL GRIEVANCE AP 5530 (last step):

If your complaint is not resolved through the informal process noted above, and if you have evidence to provide that an unjust act has occurred, you have the right to file a formal grievance.

This is detailed under AP 5530. Please follow this link to find information regarding AP 5530:

If there is an immediate safety concern and/or if someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, immediately call Campus Police (760-891-7273 or x2289 from a campus phone) and then complete the Incident Report form upon the conclusion of the event.