Student Organization Expenses and Reimbursements

Student Organization Expenses and Reimbursements

Step 1: Verify student organization fund balance to ensure you have sufficient funds with Pippa Pierce in the Office of Student Life & Leadership.
Please send an email inquiry to with an anticipated response of 48 hours

Step 2: Once your student organization has verified sufficient funds, place this expense item on your upcoming agenda at your next student organization meeting for approval.

Step 3: If your student organization expense is approved at the meeting, ensure your approved expense is on an itemized receipt that will be submitted for reimbursement. Please note: the meeting minutes must identify how much is being spent by each person (i.e. Nichol Walters is approved to spend up to $20 on cookies and Peter Stone is approved up to $10 on coffee.)

Step 4: Submit completed paperwork (i.e. itemized receipt(s) & approved student organization and/or ASG minutes to Student Activities Coordinator, or via email.


Student Life and Leadership – (760) 744-1150 x2594