We are happy to welcome back our Vendors to campus for the fall semester
– Please note that our process for reservations has changed-

A Vendor is any non-Palomar College affiliated entity that would on the premises of any Palomar Community College or Site, purport to sell or promote any product, service or idea, but does not include such an entity that would enter the premises for the purposes of promoting, opposing, or soliciting petition signatures in connection with any political candidate or initiative or referendum ballot.

To request/reserve a date as a Vendor in the Student Union Quad you will need to do the following:

  • Create and account with Facilitron
  • You will be required to upload your current Insurance Requirements/Certificates  through Facilitron
  • Select Student Union Quad as your Facility (location)
  • Areas that vendors may set up can be view by using the SU-MAP-Quad
  • Do not make payment through Facilitron; when asked for payment type check “make payment by check/mail”
    1. Fees are paid at the Office of Student Life & Leadership (see below)
  • Upon approval of requested date(s) a confirmation email will be sent to your contact email from Facilitron

Facilitron offers multiple support links on their website for renters

Required Items to Office of Student Life & Leadership

The following documents must be submitted/emailed to the Office of Student Life & Leadership for approval at the time of your request through Facilitron

  1. Vendor Terms Responsibilities
  2. Email a Copy of Business License
  3. Email Copy of CA State Board of Equalization Sales Permit
  4. Make reservation fee payment of  $85/day at the Office of Student Life & Leadership (SU-201) prior to event or day of event by check or credit card