About a Grade

The Office of Student Life & Leadership does not have jurisdiction in matters relating to grade administration or disputes.  Questions regarding grade disputes should be directed to the Office of Instructional Services (AA-104).

Basic Guidelines Include:
First, talk with your instructor and see if you can come to an understanding. Remember to document these good faith efforts to resolve the challenge peacefully and professionally (example: send an email to your professor in which you recap the points discussed during your meeting).  If the situation is still not resolved, your next step is to meet with the Chairperson of the Department. Make sure that you come prepared for this meeting with dates, statements, and behaviors that demonstrate your concern. Also be prepared to share what you would like to request in order to be successful in the classroom. If you are still having difficulties, then the next step is to speak with the Department Dean.  At this point, if you still have not come to an agreement with either the Chairperson or Dean, you may meet with the Vice President of Instruction.  Division and Department contacts can be found here.  The Student Grade Dispute Policy and Procedures must be followed prior to a Student Grade Dispute Formal Hearing Request Form being submitted.

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