Signage – Standard Door Signs

A sign refers to any object that reflects association with the college and is designed to be seen from a public area or within a college facility.  A sign is any object placed within a public area, on or within a college facility that is intended to communicate information, identification, or direction through the use of letters, words, numbers, symbols, pictures, or patterns.

Some categories of signs are “standardized,” meaning that we use consistent sizes, materials, formats and expressions.


  • All signs are centered and mounted 72” from the bottom of the door and installed on both sides of the door.
  • Black plastic with raised white letters
  • Flat PVC
  • Letter-Height = 1-1/2”
  • One hole drilled each side
  • The color and style will match the “way-finding” system.
  • The typography or lettering style used in the signage is Helvetica (developed in the 1960s, this lettering style has a clean look and readability).
    • This typeface meets state and federal ADA requirements.

Signs can be ordered by:

  • Submitting a work order to the Facilities Office by emailing Provide an account string as this is a chargeable service. 
    • Sign(s) will be installed by a Facilities/Building Services employee.