Signage – Slotted Door Signs

Slotted door signs contain spaces, or slots for various titles, such as the name of the office occupant, department, or class information.


  • All signs should be aligned flush left, rag right.
  • Black plastic with raised white letters
  • Flat PVC
  • Letter-Height = 1-1/2”
  • One hole drilled each side
  • The color and style will match the “way-finding” system.
  • The typography or lettering style used in the signage is Helvetica (developed in the 1960s, this lettering style has a clean look and readability).
    • This typeface meets state and federal ADA requirements.

Signs can be ordered two-ways:

  • Submitting a work order to the Facilities Office by emailing Provide an account string as this is a chargeable service.
    • Sign(s) will be installed by a Facilities/Building Services employee.