Signage – Electronic Marquee Request

The San Marcos Campus has one electronic bulletin board or “marquee” which is located at the campus entrance on Mission Road by the Transit Center.  The Public Affairs Office functions as a primary source and clearinghouse for public information about the college.  All requests for general information about the college and inquiries from prospective students or other individuals and organizations should be directed to their office.

All messages must conform to provisions of the California Outdoor Advertising Act and the California Code of Regulations.  These provisions specify the minimum time (i.e., 4 seconds) a message frame must be displayed.  For reasons of driver safety, they also ban the use of motion in message displays and prohibit certain language and images.

Requestors are encouraged to submit their requests at least two (2) days prior to posting date by utilizing the “Electronic Marquee Request Form.”  All messages must be relevant to college business and provide information that informs or affects the community at large.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Each message may contain one-to-four frames.
  • Each frame may contain one or two lines.
  • Each line may contain 1-13 characters, including spaces.
    • The fewer the characters, the larger the type size can be.
  • No more than 12 frames (3-4 messages) should appear at any given time.
  • The maximum time that any one announcement can be posted is one (1) week.
  • The Public Affairs Office will make the final decisions on which messages are displayed each day and how long each message will appear.
  • Top priority will be given to messages promoting student success and/or public support of college programs and events.

Care will be taken to avoid displaying obsolete messages and those containing typographical errors.

The Public Affairs Office is responsible for disseminating college information to the news media for the purpose of publicizing and promoting the business of the college. All college news releases are prepared and distributed through the Public Affairs Office, which is responsible for accuracy, acceptable style, and uniformity of message.