Signage – Campus Window Signage

The Facilities Review Committee approved prototype window signage at their May 5, 2011 meeting.  Examples of the signage are posted at the Business & Contract Services Office, Room A-4A.

In May 2011, a pilot project using new technology for exterior window signage was approved, resulting in overwhelming support and requests from departments for similar signage.

Guidelines for campus-wide use of the new signage were developed as follows:

  • Only Palomar campus imagery, buildings and landscape
  • Prominent building/room info if necessary.  Consistent in size/color/style
  • Informational options, limit amount to 30 words or less

It was felt the new signage was more professional in appearance, and was very cost-effective.  Employees inside their offices will be able to see outside, while others outside will see the colorful designs.

For ordering information, please contact  Print Services