Signage – Building Identification Signage

Every Palomar College-owned building shall be identified on its exterior by its building number/letter.  These signs are placed on the ends of each building and/or on the corners of the overhang nearest to the sidewalk.

Each building has at least one (1) large building identification sign visible from the roadway for use by emergency response units.   


  • Dibond aluminum faced board with polyethylene core, Reflective white w/brown background
    • Rigid and lightweight
    • High quality smooth surface
    • Highly versatile for flat and 3D applications
    • Colored both sides (matt/gloss)
    • Scratch resistant
    • Easily cut and routed for fabrication
    • PE film protected
    • Die cuttable
  • Color and style shall match the “way-finding” system.
  • Sheet size: 24×12