Signage – Banners

Departments may request to have banners mounted on various campus buildings for special events. Departments must submit a request to the Infrastructure and Sustainability Council by emailing the Co-Chairs, Nancy Lane and Erin Hiro to have the request placed on the agenda for first and second readings.

Banners are permitted on campus subject to the following restrictions:

  • Location and installation shall be aesthetically pleasing in its context.
  • Attachment to interior or exterior of buildings may be made only at previously approved locations.
  • Installation shall be made in a previously approved fashion so that it will not damage the building or building components.
  • Attachment shall not compromise building safety and/or security requirements.
  • Attachment shall not be made to light poles, sign posts, trees, other plant materials, or to structures or art pieces not associated with buildings.
  • Banners with a commercial message are prohibited.
  • Banners shall not contain language symbols or graphics that are obscene or discriminatory in nature.
  • Quality and design of the banner must be first-rate and shall present an image consistent with the college’s prominence in the community.
  • Size of banner shall be appropriate for the intended location.
  • Duct tape will not be allowed to hang banners (reference FRC Meeting Minutes 03.10.14)
  • Banners are to be located and fastened in a manner that will not cause damage to the facilities or cause a safety hazard.  Repair to college facilities by prohibited posted items will be the responsibility of the department chairperson, director, or building authority.

Non-adherence to this policy will result in the removal and disposal of the materials.

Once the Facilities Review Committee has approved the banner request, the Department must submit a to the Facilities Department who is responsible for the installation and removal of the banners.

Each banner may be hung for thirty-days for the event being advertised.  Banners may not overlap existing banners and must be for specific events or functions.