Service Guide – Elevator Service

All campus elevators (Health Sciences, the Howard Brubeck Theatre, Humanities, Industrial Technology Center, the Library, the MD Building, the Natural Science Building, the Planetarium and the Student Union Building) are maintained by an outside contractor under the supervision of the Facilities Office.  General problems with campus elevators should be reported to the Facilities Office, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.  After these hours and on weekends as well as holidays, please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273.

Reporting of problems with elevator service and requests for elevator maintenance are to be made only as specified.  If calls are made directly to the elevator contractor which result in charges to the College, the charges will be passed onto the individual and/or department making the call. 

Elevators present a particular safety issue during a power outage because most are not on an emergency power system.  Facilities personnel will inspect all elevators affected by the outage for stranded personnel.

Any elevator containing trapped personnel is reported immediately to Campus Police, the San Marcos Fire Department and/or the elevator contractor as appropriate.