Service Guide – Building Security Systems

Security or intrusion alarm systems are the property and responsibility of the department installing the system.  Departments must fund the installation and maintenance of the system including any ongoing costs, such as dedicated telephone lines for the system.  The Facilities Department does not fund nor maintain/service these systems.  Because the installation of alarm systems impacts existing building infrastructure, such projects must be managed by the Facilities Office.  This assures that all work is performed in a safe and code compliant manner.

  • Requesting Department submits a Facilities Work Request Form to the Facilities Office through campus mail after obtaining all the required signatures.
  • The Administrative Coordinator, or a assigned designee, will obtain a cost proposal to determine the scope of the work.
  • The Security system provider submits a cost proposal to the Facilities Office.
  • The Facilities Office submits to the Requesting Department an estimate approval detailing all estimated installation costs.
  • Requesting Department must process two purchasing requisitions to Purchasing Services
    • One requisition for  all installation related costs.  The installation related costs will be a one-time charge.
    • One requisition for all continual monitoring services for the period of a fiscal year (example: July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010).  The continual monitoring services will be for the life of the security alarm system and a new requisition must be processed to Purchasing Services at the beginning of each new fiscal year.

How to Request Alarm Code Access

The Facilities Office administers District building alarm codes. Many campus departments have building security alarm systems installed and as such, those employees that require alarm codes must email the Facilities Office with their name, department name, room number and their four-digit numeric alarm code. Employees are not to copy anyone else on their emails as their four-digit alarm code must be known only to themselves, the Facilities Office and Knight Security.

Campus Departments must report the departure of an employee (one who has already left or is about to leave the employment of Palomar College) to the Facilities Office so that we can cancel his/her building and classroom access.

To access instructions on how to use the alarm system, you must be a Palomar College employee with a valid username/password – How to Use the Alarm System.