Key and Card Access – Lost or Stolen Keys/Cards

The loss of a key/card, while in inconvenience to an individual, poses a potential theft and safety hazard to the college community.

Lost of stolen keys/cards must be reported to Campus Police within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft, and the issuing department immediately. It is important to document all information regarding the incident and all details should be included. This will help in any investigation that may follow.

Individuals who are issued college keys/cards are responsible for their safekeeping and for any charges associated with their loss or theft. Filing cabinets, desk drawers, and lockers are not considered to be secure storage areas for college keys.

Replacement keys/cards are issued only after submission of a new, completed Key/Card Access Request Form is sent to the Facilities Office and Campus Police has delivered a copy of the Lost Key Report to the Facilities Office.

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