Key and Card Access – Installation, Repair, Re-Keying and Re-Pinning of Locks

All door locks, padlocks, locking mechanisms or any other means of locking must be approved, authorized and installed by the Facilities Department’s locksmith.  Any lock, lock mechanism or system that is not found to be compliant with the District’s keying system will be removed by the Facilities Department.

The Facilities Department’s Locksmith will perform all alterations, installations and repair to door locks and mechanisms.  All costs associated with the re-keying or re-pinning of a department’s building space, will be the financial responsibility of the requesting department.

Before a lock change is initiated, a thorough review of the area affected is performed.  Requests for lock changes are reviewed with the requesting party and Department Chairperson/Director and/or Dean or Divisional Vice-President before the change is made.  This is done to avoid compromising anyone else who may need access to the area.

All re-keying or installation of new locks in all academic and administrative areas must be requested by submitting a Facilities Work Request Form to the Facilities Department (this is a chargeable service).  A current account number and the department chairperson/director and Dean or Divisional Vice-President must sign. A Key/Card Access Request Form for the individuals affected by the re-key must be submitted along with the Facilities Work Request Form.

Worn or faulty hardware including fair wear and tear, will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Facilities Management and at their expense.