The Carpentry Shop is responsible for routine and specialty requested carpentry jobs and projects such as wall partitions, doors and frames, and custom cabinetry.  Availability is based on current workload.

The following are examples of services provided by the Carpentry Shop that are generally not chargeable to the requesting department:

  • Repair torn carpeting only to reduce tripping accidents (individual departments should arrange for permanent repair or replacement of torn carpet by submitting a work order via (this is a chargeable service) to the Facilities Office.
  • Repair acoustical tiles
  • Repair doors and door jambs
  • Repair molding and cove bases
  • Repair and maintain interior tile surfaces
  • Repair windows

Services that are usually charged to the requesting department include:

  • Construction of Interior walls
  • Remodeling building cabinets, desks, shelves and other custom furniture
  • Install Formica tops on desks
  • Install doors
  • Install acoustical tiles

Please do not contact our Maintenance Carpenters directly:  Questions, please contact the Facilities Office at extension 2629, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Nature of Work:

Carpenters construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures in wood and other materials.  Carpenters are involved in many different kinds of construction, from the building of highways and bridges to the installation of cabinets.

Each carpentry task is somewhat different, but most involve the same basic steps.  Working from blueprints or instructions from supervisors, carpenters first do the layout—measuring, marking, and arranging materials—in accordance with local building codes.  They cut and shape wood, plastic, fiberglass, or drywall using hand and power tools, such as chisels, planes, saws, drills, and sanders.  They then join the materials with nails, screws, staples, or adhesives.  In the last step, carpenters do a final check of the accuracy of their work with levels, rules, plumb bobs, framing squares, and surveying equipment, and make any necessary adjustments.  Some materials come prefabricated, allowing for easier and faster installation.

Carpenters employed outside the construction industry perform a variety of installation and maintenance work.  They may replace panes of glass, and doors, as well as repair custom desks, cabinets, and other furniture.