Get to know Maricela

Maricela Becerra

Part-time LD Specialist

Past Education highlights: High School drop out who attended community college and then transferred to UCLA. Went on to Sac State where I received my M.A. and certificates in adult learning disabilities, ASL, dyslexia.

Current Education highlights: About to finish my first year in my Education for Social Justice Phd program.

Past Professional Experience Highlights: Tenured Bilingual (Spanish) Learning Disabilities Specialist of almost 11 years.

Favorite Quote: “The classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy” ― bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom

What motivates me in the work of building accessible learning and spaces for interaction for students: The equity in the services I provide and how services really do transform lives.

Proudest moment or accomplishment at the DRC: I got my Palomar computer programs to work most of the time lol.

Palomar Professor who inspires me and why: The only professor I know at Palomar is Leigh Ann, and she is an Energizer Bunny doing it all with a smile.

Palomar Staff who inspires me and why: In my limited time here, I think there is not one person who inspires me, but I do see how hard the staff and faculty work for their students and that is really inspiring.

What I most love about the DRC: That the people are nice! I love the humor that is shared in the department.

What is one thing I do that the DRC: I believe in my students. I believe they can reach whatever goal they have set up for themselves, at times despite what their assessment scores reveal.

What I love most about Palomar: How many services there are for students.

One thing I have learned over the pandemic: That our students mental health was really affected, and services were deeply needed.

Example of a student who changed my perspective about disability: Any student who achieves higher than their ability is a rockstar to me. It does not make sense why they are able to push through the ability but they do so the only explanation is that they are amazing.

What is key to creating community at Palomar: Communicating often with other people, being kind, and laughing together often.

Person with a disability who expanded/shaped my mindset and daily work and why: All my students. My students are in the heart of what I do and why I do it. Their stories change the narrative of what we know and the services we offer — different perspectives will help evolve our practices as educators.

What does a campus or world built with UDL at the forefront look like: It will highlight the vision we have for our students and fortify them as scholars.

Something else about me: I’m really happy to be at Palomar serving students, they are pretty awesome 😊