Student Aides

Palomar College makes every reasonable effort to accommodate students with disabilities who are otherwise qualified to attend college as defined by the American with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. In keeping with this commitment, a STUDENT AIDE will be allowed entrance into the classroom to support the specific students as an approved accommodation.  

Palomar College does not assume financial responsibility for personal care services or payment of student aides. A qualified student will make arrangements on their own to provide this service. An Agreement Form and an accompanying Student Aide Registration Form must be completed for each STUDENT AIDE an enrolled student requests each semester. Students must provide a copy of this signed Agreement Form to each instructor the authorized STUDENT AIDE is requested by the student to be present in class.

STUDENT AIDES or other non-DRC supported aides are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • STUDENT AIDES will only perform personal care duties such as retrieving materials, facilitating appropriate classroom conduct, turning pages, etc. The Disability Resource Center or the Palomar College 504 Officer will coordinate with the student and instructor to ensure that appropriate academic accommodations are provided, not the STUDENT AIDE.
  • STUDENT AIDES are not responsible for the student’s academic progress or Any classroom questions or concerns about the student’s performance or attendance should be directed to the student.
  • STUDENT AIDES will not engage in disruptive or distracting behavior. Examples include, but are not limited to, loudly conversing with the student or other students, personal use of electronic devices, reading, eating, etc.
  • While in class, STUDENT AIDES will not participate in the class or in conversations between the student, faculty, staff, or other students.
  • STUDENT AIDES may not photograph or record any classroom
  • STUDENT AIDES are not allowed to assist the student during testing unless specifically authorized by a DRC Counselor, 504 Officer or instructor.
  • STUDENT AIDES will follow all Palomar College regulations including, but not limited to, standards and expectations outlined in the Palomar College Standards of Student Conduct (AP 5500). Should a STUDENT AIDE fail to comply with the Standards of Student Conduct and/or the guidelines specified above, they may be denied access to specific classes and/or Palomar College facilities.