Academic and Personal Counseling

Palomar College’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides robust academic, vocational, and personal counseling services for students with documented disabilities. DRC counselors assist with comprehensive academic services including but not limited to: certificate/associate degree options, transfer preparation, transcript review, education planning, semester course selection and scheduling. Appropriate academic accommodations are authorized and established each semester. In addition, students are provided with appropriate campus and community referrals as needed. DRC counselors are here to guide and support students through personal or disability-related concerns that may interfere with academic success.

Students will need to meet with a DRC counselor at least once per year. Continuing students with the DRC who have met with a DRC counselor within one year, may return to the DRC to pick up completed accommodation forms three working days after submitting an Accommodations Request online through MyDRC. Please contact the DRC before stopping over to ensure your forms are ready for pick up.

If you are requesting accommodation forms, and it has been over one year since you have met with a DRC counselor, you will need to meet (appointments are available via phone, Zoom or in-person – subject to availability) with a counselor for your accommodation forms one of the following ways:

  • Fill out the DRC Contact Form. Once the form is submitted you will receive a timely response from the DRC to schedule a 30 minute appointment with a counselor,
  • Contact the DRC’s front desk at or 760-744-1150, Ext. 2375 to schedule a 30 minute appointment with a counselor,
  • Attend a Drop in Session. Drop in counseling is available Monday through Thursday, 10AM to 2PM; and Friday’s, 10AM to 11AM. For an explanation about when you may wish to attend drop in counseling and white it may be best to schedule a counseling appointment, visit our Drop in vs. Appointment page.
Counseling Appointment Late Arrival Notice

Please arrive to your counseling appointments promptly. To allow for sufficient time in the counseling appointments, it will be considered a NO SHOW after a:

  • 5-minute late arrival to a 30-minute appointment
  • 15-minute late arrival to a 1-hour appointment

Students with two or more no shows within a 6 month period will need to use our drop in counseling services, rather than schedule an appointment.  Drop-counseling is available Monday through Friday, on a first-come, first served basis.  Once the student has attended a drop-in and spoken with a counselor regarding barriers that are contributing to their no shows and strategies for time management, etc. the student will be permitted to make appointments.

Exceptions: Students with hearing loss or deafness who use interpreters will not be directed to a drop-in due to the need for advance notice to schedule interpreters.  Instead, the counselor will engage in a discussion with them regarding the no shows during their next appt. In addition, this policy does not apply to prospective DRC students, or those seeking to apply for services.