Note Taking

Students are responsible for requesting note-taking accommodations from a DRC counselor. This request can occur during the initial intake/welcome appointment or anytime thereafter during a drop-in or scheduled appointment. The counselor will review disability documentation and engage in an interactive session with the student to determine if the accommodation can be approved. Once approved it is placed on the student’s AAP.

The student is then responsible for requesting the accommodation for each course via MyDRC and the Accommodation Request process. Once the student has the Accommodation Letter outlining the approved note-taking accommodation they pick up the Notetaker Contract or and NCR paper (if needed)from the DRC Front Office or ask for it to be e-mailed by calling 760-744-1150, Ext. 2375 or

If the student prefers to have copies made instead of using NCR paper they can come to the DRC front office to have their notes copied. The student may also request for the notes to be e-mailed to either the instructor to e-mail to them or directly to them, depending upon their comfort and preference. The student presents the Accommodation Letter to the professor to inform them they have been approved for Note-Taking Services as an accommodation. In the remote environment, the note taker should either type notes and email them to the instructor to pass along to the student OR take a picture of any handwritten notes and then scan and email them to the instructor to share with the student or to the student directly depending upon the DRC student’s preference and preferred levels of confidentiality and anonymity.

The student may ask the professor for assistance in requesting the note-taking service. Such assistance may include making or emailing a request to the class without identifying the student or the professor soliciting an individual to provide the service. A sample announcement has been provided below.

Announcement Professor Can Make in Class to Assist with Obtaining Peer Note-taker

A student in this class is in need of note-taking services. If you take clear and legible notes or use a laptop for note-taking please stay after class to meet with the student or myself to discuss the service. As a note-taker, you will receive a $50 Palomar College Bookstore gift card or a letter outlining your exemplary service from the Director of the DRC. It will be your responsibility to be in class regularly and provide a copy (electronic or hard copy) of your notes to the student or the instructor at the end of each class. The NCR paper or copy machine is located at the DRC office in the DSPS building on the San Marcos campus.
Confidentiality is of utmost importance. Please refrain from mentioning the student’s name or in any way identifying the student when making the announcement to uphold confidentiality.

If a peer note taker is not available, the student is required to contact a DRC Counselor right away to allow the Counselor to work with the professor and/or DRC staff to identify another note taking solution.

At the end of the semester the student who provided the notes has the Notetaker Contract signed by the DRC student or professor and returns the contract to the DRC before the last day of the semester.

Regular, ongoing, and timely class attendance is required for note taking services. A Peer Note Taker accommodation is not intended to be provided so that the student receiving the notes misses class. Class attendance is required for students to receive notes. The one exception to this is should the student be absent due to a disability-related absence and “disability-related absence” is an approved accommodation listed on the student’s DRC Authorized Academic Accommodation Letter provided to the instructor prior to the missed absence. Students are responsible for communicating the disability-related absence, should it occur, to the professor in a timely fashion, to then receive the missed notes. If absences become excessive the peer note taking accommodation may no longer be reasonable or be able to be provided; instead the professor should contact the DRC right away to discuss options and next steps