Students with a prescribed accommodation for mobility assistance (DRC’s Cart Service) as reflected on their Accommodation Letter may request mobility assistance, namely Cart Service, from the DRC. Mobility services are available during regular DRC business hours. Additionally, mobility services will be suspended during rain, campus emergencies and at any time to uphold safety.


  1. Students approved for mobility assistance by the DRC (as reflected on their Accommodation Letter) should first call the Disability Resource Center at 760-744-1150 extension 2375 to request a ride. In the event of the DRC being unable to provide Mobility Service, Campus Police will serve as a secondary option for transport, if available. Campus Police can be reached at 760-744-1150 extension 2289.
  2. Courtesy transports will consist of a pick-up from the transit center, campus police station, or a personal vehicle in the parking lot. The drop-off location is any one location on campus that the student requests. A second courtesy transport can then pick-up the student from their location of choice on campus and return them to the transit center, campus police station or personal vehicle in the parking lot. Courtesy transports are not available as an on-campus “taxi service” from class to class, class to cafeteria, etc. Instead, courtesy transports are to be used for assistance from the above referenced locations to the interior of campus and then back when the student is leaving campus.
  3. DRC will be the first department to respond, if staff is available, to transport requests. The DRC requires a 10 minute response window, so students need to plan accordingly. If the DRC is not available, Campus Police will respond if staff is available. If neither department has available staff, students will need to wait until such a time that staff becomes available, or they can cancel their request.
  4. DRC does not provide personal aides or individuals to guide students to and from classes or around campus. Students with vision impairments seeking Orientation and Mobility (O&M) services, which include instruction or guidance in how to safely and efficiently travel and navigate the campus due to a visual impairment are advised to contact the Department of Rehabilitation at 760.510.4705 to inquire about these services and meeting with an O & M Specialist who can help students develop and learn the skills needed to travel safely and independently on campus.
    • It is recommended that students meet with an O&M Specialist before each semester as routes will change due to changes in class schedules each semester. Allow yourself plenty of time to get used to the new route.
    • DRC offers a very limited initial meeting/training with an O&M Specialist prior to the Fall semester on a case by case basis. Make an appointment with a DRC Counselor to learn more.


Effective January 2, 2019, the DRC will no longer be providing/lending out personal mobility scooters to new students.