Get to know Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann Van Dyke

Leigh Ann Van Dyke

Learning Disability Specialist and Professor

Past Education highlights: Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from SDSU; Master of Science Degree from Fresno State in Rehabilitation Educational Counseling and Counseling; Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor since 2013.

Professional Experience Highlights: I have worked in the Community Colleges for over 20 years. I also teach study strategies, anxiety and stress wellness, and nervous system techniques.

Favorite Quote: No matter what path you take there will always be a lesson to learn.

What I most love about the DRC: The DRC has the most phenomenal and professional staff that care about students and students’ success.

Something else about me: I have an amazing son and daughter. My daughter is currently studying at UC Santa Barbara. I consider myself a lifetime student, as well as a teacher. Some of my greatest mentors have been family, friends, teachers, college professors, colleagues, and many students who have played major roles in shaping my character, supporting my path toward evolving, and challenging me to keep growing. I also have a passion for travel; it has promoted a deeper sense of understanding, discovering, connecting, and going outside my comfort zone.