Woodworking Skills Technology

A.S. Degree Major/Cert. Achievement

The finest furniture in the world is hand made. Skilled craftsman are rare and valuable. There is always a market for quality. This program will prepare students to make a living at woodworking with an emphasis on hand skills, traditional methods and European craftsmanship. Students will gain competence in the use of hand tools, power tools, and power machines and be able to properly select and safely use/operate them.  Students will be able efficiently sharpen all of hand tools used. Students will gain basic proficiency in the following processes/techniques/skills; lathe turning, carving, wood bending, veneering, hand joinery and finishing. Students will also be able to write a business plan and gain an understanding of the operations of running a small business.

Program Requirements | Units: 20.0

CFT 100Fundamentals of Woodworking4.0
CFT 108Business Woodworking2.0
Furniture Design (select one of the following):
CFT 118Furniture Design Development2.0
CFT 153Studio Furniture Design I2.0
CFT 149Hand Joinery I2.0
CFT 151Veneering Technology I2.0
CFT 176The Lathe – An Introduction to Woodturning2.0
CFT 180Wood Bending and Lamination/Wood Technology2.0
CFT 187Introduction to Carving2.0
CFT 195Finishing Technology/Touch-Up and Repair2.0

Electives (Select 2 units)

CFT 142The Art and Craft of Planemaking2.0
CFT 143Decorative Box Making2.0
CFT 144Production Wood Products I1.0
CFT 145Production Wood Products II1.0
CFT 155Classic American Chair Designs2.0
CFT 156Advanced Classic American Chair Designs2.0
CFT 175Jigs/Fixtures and Routers2.0