Timber Frame-Day 2

Palomar College
Cabinet & Furniture Technology

Timber Frame Project 2004 – Day 2

Today found us in a morning-long lecture. Rudy took us through a review of square rule and joinery tolerance, and its importance to good timber framing construction. Everything was interspersed with Rudy’s, “I’ve got one more short story to tell you”…good stories, and always made to emphasize a point.

Chisels and mallets were purchased, and there was a round of self-introduction. Seems like a good number of people are planning to make additions to their existing house or are planning to construct new buildings. Projects ranged from a horse barn to a kitchen to Phil Goettsch’s suggestion of a dog house.

The afternoon was spent setting up timbers. Selection and marking were done, as we plan to start making chips tomorrow.

  • Morning lecture by Rudy.
  • Frank and his pet Hyster are moving timbers for inspection.
  • Setting up timbers for inspection and marking.
  • Rudy is explaining why one timber is used and not another.

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